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Adventure, Art, and Culinary Delights in Wausau, WI 🎨🍽️

If you’re looking for an adventure-packed day in Wausau, WI, you’re in luck! With a wide range of attractions, family activities, and events, this city has something to offer everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wausau, WI offers a wide range of attractions, family activities, and events.
  • Visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum for beautiful art and a sculpture garden.
  • Explore Rib Mountain State Park for breathtaking views from the observation tower.
  • Experience the stunning beauty of Willow Springs Garden and enjoy delicious food.
  • Thrill-seekers can hit the slopes at Granite Peak Ski Area for skiing and snowboarding.

Discover Outdoor Thrills in Wausau WI

Wausau, WI is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting a plethora of thrilling activities and beautiful parks to explore. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or simply looking for a scenic getaway, this vibrant city has something for everyone.

One of the must-visit destinations for outdoor adventure is Rib Mountain State Park. With over 1,400 acres of forested hills and trails, this park offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Be sure to climb the observation tower for an even more spectacular panoramic vista. The park also provides opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, and camping, making it perfect for a day of family fun.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, head to Monk Botanical Gardens. This serene oasis is home to meticulously maintained gardens, walking trails, and vibrant floral displays. Volunteers work tirelessly to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the gardens, creating a tranquil environment for visitors to enjoy.

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities, Granite Peak Ski Area is a must-visit destination. As Wisconsin’s premier ski resort, it offers a variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The exhilarating downhill runs and stunning winter scenery make for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

outdoor activities wausau wi
HikingExplore scenic trails at Rib Mountain State Park.
BikingTake a leisurely ride through the picturesque countryside.
CanoeingEnjoy a peaceful paddle down the Wisconsin River.
Rock ClimbingChallenge yourself on the rugged cliffs of Rib Mountain.
FishingCast a line in the many lakes and rivers surrounding Wausau.
SnowshoeingExperience the tranquility of the winter landscape.

With its stunning natural beauty and thrilling outdoor activities, Wausau, WI is a destination that will satisfy the cravings of any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a breath of fresh air, this city has it all. So pack your bags, grab your gear, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable outdoor journey in Wausau, WI!

Immerse Yourself in Culture and Art in Wausau WI

For those seeking a cultural experience, Wausau, WI offers a vibrant art scene and an array of museums that will captivate your senses.

One must-visit destination is the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, known for its impressive collection of art and stunning sculpture garden. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of various art forms, from paintings and sculptures to photography and installations. Take a leisurely stroll through the sculpture garden, surrounded by nature’s serenity and artistic masterpieces.

If you’re interested in learning more about the city’s history and heritage, a visit to the Yawkey House Museum is a must. This charming house offers a glimpse into the lives of the Yawkey family, showcasing their personal belongings and mementos. With reasonable ticket prices, it’s a great way to delve into Wausau’s past.

A trip to Wausau wouldn’t be complete without exploring the city’s museums. From the historical exhibits at the Marathon County Historical Society to the interactive displays at the Children’s Museum of Marathon County, there’s something for everyone. These museums offer educational and engaging experiences, perfect for families and art enthusiasts alike.

wausau wi museums

Whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, or simply seeking an enriching experience, Wausau, WI has museums and cultural attractions that will leave you inspired and amazed. Explore the city’s artistic heritage, indulge in its captivating exhibits, and let your imagination soar.

Indulge in Culinary Delights in Wausau WI

Food lovers rejoice! Wausau, WI is home to a plethora of exceptional restaurants, offering a delectable variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian pasta, sizzling steaks, or mouthwatering sushi, you’ll find it all in this charming Midwestern city.

One must-visit restaurant is The Mint Cafe, known for its cozy atmosphere and delectable comfort food. From their famous cheese curds to juicy burgers and homemade pies, The Mint Cafe is a local favorite that never disappoints.

If you’re in the mood for something more exotic, head over to The Palms Supper Club. With its tropical-themed surroundings and menu featuring dishes inspired by flavors from around the world, The Palms is a culinary adventure waiting to happen. Don’t miss their signature dish, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, paired with a refreshing cocktail from their extensive drink menu.

Check out the Top Restaurants in Wausau WI:

The Mint CafeAmericanCozy atmosphere, comfort food
The Palms Supper ClubInternationalTropical-themed, exotic flavors
Lemongrass Asian Fusion RestaurantAsianFresh ingredients, diverse menu
The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.American, BrewpubCraft beers, pub fare
Basil RestaurantItalianAuthentic pasta, cozy ambiance
Best Restaurants in Wausau WI

These are just a few examples of the fantastic dining options in Wausau, WI. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable culinary experience, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds in this charming city. So, go ahead and embark on a gastronomic journey through Wausau’s vibrant restaurant scene!

Experience the Vibrant Nightlife of Wausau WI

When the sun sets in Wausau, WI, the city comes alive with a bustling nightlife, offering a wide range of venues to dance, relax, and enjoy live music. Whether you’re looking for a cozy pub to grab a drink with friends or a high-energy club to dance the night away, Wausau has something for everyone.

One popular spot for live music is Malarkey’s Pub & Townies Grill. This lively venue hosts local bands and musicians, creating a vibrant atmosphere for music lovers. Sit back, relax, and groove to the sounds of talented artists, while enjoying delicious food and a wide selection of drinks.

If you’re in the mood for some craft cocktails and a trendy atmosphere, The Bar in Downtown Wausau is the place to be. With its modern decor, extensive drink menu, and rooftop seating, it offers a sophisticated nightlife experience. Sip on carefully crafted cocktails while taking in the stunning views of the city.

The BarDowntown WausauTrendy bar with craft cocktails and rooftop seating
Malarkey’s Pub & Townies GrillMain StreetLively pub hosting live music performances

“Wausau’s nightlife scene offers a perfect combination of energetic venues and relaxed settings, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal night out.” – Local resident

For those seeking a more laid-back evening, the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. is a popular choice. Known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious pub fare, it’s a great place to unwind with friends and enjoy a cold beer. With its friendly staff and welcoming ambiance, it’s no wonder this spot is a favorite among locals.

So, whether you’re in the mood for live music, craft cocktails, or a relaxing evening at a cozy pub, Wausau WI’s nightlife scene has it all. Explore the city after dark and discover the vibrant energy that lights up the streets when the sun goes down.

Wausau WI Nightlife

Wausau, WI is known for its lively events and festivals, providing visitors with unforgettable experiences and a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture. Throughout the year, the city hosts a variety of events that cater to different interests and passions.

One of the highlights of Wausau’s event calendar is the annual Balloon and Rib Fest. This family-friendly festival features colorful hot air balloons, mouthwatering ribs, live music, and a vibrant carnival atmosphere. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy delicious food, catch a thrilling balloon ride, and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Another must-visit event is the Wausau Events Summer Concert Series. Held in downtown Wausau, this series showcases local and regional musicians, bringing a diverse range of music genres to the stage. Whether you’re a fan of rock, country, jazz, or something in between, you’re sure to find a performance that resonates with your musical taste.

wausau wi events

For art enthusiasts, the Festival of Arts is a true gem. This annual event celebrates the creativity and talent of local artists, showcasing a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and more. Visitors can not only admire the exquisite craftsmanship but also purchase unique pieces to take home as souvenirs.

These are just a few examples of the exciting events and festivals that take place in Wausau, WI. From lively music festivals to captivating art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in this vibrant city. Be sure to check the event calendar and plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your time in Wausau!


With its abundance of attractions, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and exciting events, Wausau, WI is a destination that promises endless fun and exploration. Whether you’re a nature lover, an art enthusiast, a foodie, or a nightlife enthusiast, Wausau has something for everyone.

Start your adventure by visiting the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, where you can immerse yourself in beautiful art and stroll through the serene sculpture garden. For breathtaking views, head to Rib Mountain State Park and climb the observation tower.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy some delicious food, Willow Springs Garden is the perfect spot. Indulge in their tasty offerings while surrounded by stunning natural beauty. And for winter sports enthusiasts, Granite Peak Ski Area is a must-visit for skiing and snowboarding.

For those interested in history, take a tour of the Yawkey House Museum and step back in time in this lovely house. And if you’re a wine lover, don’t miss the Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe, where you can sample and purchase a variety of delicious wines.

The Grand Theater is the place to go for a memorable performance, and Timekeeper Distillery offers unique drinks and souvenirs to take home. Sports fans can catch a game at Athletic Park and enjoy a luxury box package. And if you’re in search of tranquility, visit Monk Botanical Gardens, where volunteers work tirelessly to maintain its natural beauty.

These are just a few of the many fun-filled things to do in Wausau, WI today. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this vibrant city!


Q: What are some fun-filled things to do in Wausau, WI today?

A: Here are some options to consider:
– Visit the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.
– Explore Rib Mountain State Park.
– Enjoy the stunning beauty of Willow Springs Garden.
– Hit the slopes at Granite Peak Ski Area.
– Take a tour of the Yawkey House Museum.
– Visit the Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe for some tasty wine.
– Catch a performance at The Grand Theater.
– Try unique drinks at Timekeeper Distillery.
– Watch a game at Athletic Park.
– Experience the beauty of Monk Botanical Gardens.

Q: What attractions can I find in Wausau, WI?

A: Some attractions in Wausau, WI include the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Rib Mountain State Park, Willow Springs Garden, Granite Peak Ski Area, Yawkey House Museum, Lil’ Ole Winemaker Shoppe, The Grand Theater, Timekeeper Distillery, Athletic Park, and Monk Botanical Gardens.

Q: Where can I find cultural and artistic experiences in Wausau, WI?

A: You can find cultural and artistic experiences in Wausau, WI at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and various art galleries in the city.

Q: What are some popular dining options in Wausau, WI?

A: Some popular dining options in Wausau, WI include a variety of restaurants and eateries offering diverse cuisines.

Q: What is the nightlife like in Wausau, WI?

A: The nightlife in Wausau, WI is vibrant with bars, clubs, and live music venues offering entertainment options.

Q: What special events and festivals take place in Wausau, WI?

A: Wausau, WI hosts various special events and festivals throughout the year, providing opportunities to experience unique cultural celebrations.

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