Welcome to the Island of Molokai

Among the Hawaiian Islands lies an oasis frozen in time – the island of Molokai. With its remote location, unrushed pace, and breathtaking scenery, Molokai offers a portal into old Hawaii before mass tourism. Get ready to hit the reset button on this laidback island that proudly keeps alive its Hawaiian traditions.

Nicknamed the “Friendly Isle,” Molokai lives up to its moniker with the warmest aloha spirit and welcoming residents you’ll find across the islands. Miles of empty blonde beaches, towering sea cliffs plunging into the azure Pacific, and rainforests shrouding the lush valleys make up Molokai’s wild natural beauty. Outdoor adventures here range from kayaking the crystalline waters to hiking the seaside trails to learning the history of Kalaupapa – once a leper colony, now national park.

With no high rise resorts or traffic lights cluttering its landscapes, Molokai retains its unspoiled habitats and unhurried way of life. Led by a majority indigenous population, it is a place where ancient Hawaiian customs and connection to the land still thrive. If you seek the road less traveled, escape the crowds and experience Hawaii’s famed aloha spirit on the magical island of Molokai.

Explore the Island of Molokai

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