Wisconsin Fishing Adventures

Cast Away: Exploring Wisconsin’s Premier Fishing Spots

Ready for a fishing adventure like no other? Wisconsin, the Badger State, is perfect for anglers. It has over 10,000 miles of trout streams, creeks, and rivers. The waters are cold, clean, and full of trout and game fish.

Start with the Kinnickinnic River near River Falls or the Bois Brule River near Brule. Wisconsin has many places to fish, like trout streams or the Mississippi River. You can also find hidden gems like the Kickapoo River West Fork. Wisconsin’s fishing scenes are amazing.

Key Takeaways

  • Wisconsin boasts over 10,000 miles of trout streams, creeks, and rivers, making it a prime destination for fishing enthusiasts.
  • The state offers a diverse range of premier fishing spots, including the renowned Kinnickinnic River and Bois Brule River.
  • Anglers can explore a variety of fishing experiences, from casting a line on picturesque trout streams to navigating the expansive Mississippi River.
  • Wisconsin’s fishing opportunities cater to anglers of all skill levels, providing a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The state’s pristine waters and abundant fish populations make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable fishing adventure.

What’s special about Wisconsin’s fishing spots? Let’s explore the top places in the Badger State. Discover why anglers love it from both near and far.

Trout Fishing Paradise

Wisconsin is famous for its great trout fishing spots. It has rivers that attract fishermen from all over. The Kinnickinnic, Namekagon, and Bois Brule Rivers are top places for trout fishing.

Kinnickinnic River – River Falls

The Kinnickinnic River, called the “Kinni,” is well-known in Wisconsin. It is a Class I trout stream near River Falls. The river is full of trout, with 6,000 to 8,000 of them per mile. It’s thanks to Trout Unlimited and other groups that the Kinni stays rich in fish. People who love to fly-fish enjoy its accessible points, especially in Kinnickinnic State Park.

Namekagon River – Cable

The Namekagon River begins near Cable and is a great spot for fishing. It’s known for its brown and brook trout. This river has inspired famous writers. It’s 95 miles long, offering many places to fish and enjoy nature. Before you explore it, stop by Wild River Outfitters in Grantsburg for fishing gear.

Bois Brule River – Brule

The Bois Brule River flows north to Lake Superior and is known worldwide for trout fishing. It’s famous for hosting five presidents who enjoyed fishing there. There’s a story that Rosalynn Carter fished there without her husband, Jimmy. You can stay at campgrounds like Bois Brule or Copper Range near the river.

Wisconsin Fishing Adventures

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is western Wisconsin’s border. It’s a rich place to fish with beautiful surroundings. Here, anglers try to catch fish like walleye, white bass, and muskie. They use different baits and lures. The area has many hiding spots which means a lot of fish to find. It’s good to keep an eye on the river’s level and the weather for the best fishing times.

Fox River Valley

The Fox River Valley is near Interstate 41. It’s a great place for fishing. Omro is a good starting point with access to different lakes. You can fish for white bass in May or try for other types of fish. There are many places to put a boat in the water, so fishing is easy to do here.

Hidden Gems

Kickapoo River

Wisconsin has more than just famous trout streams and big rivers. It holds many secret spots perfect for fishing. Two examples are the Kickapoo River West Fork near Viroqua and the Pike River in Marinette County.

Kickapoo River West Fork – Viroqua

The west fork of the Kickapoo River near Viroqua is special. It’s a 24-mile spring-fed waterway in Wisconsin’s Coulee Country. This area is well-known for its trout. Anglers love exploring the Kickapoo Valley’s trout streams. Here, you’ll see beautiful hills, Amish farms, orchards, and fresh produce stands. You can also rent kayaks from Kickapoo Wild Adventures to see the river closely.

Pike River – Marinette County

The Pike River is a hidden gem in Wisconsin, known as a Wild River. It’s in Marinette County and offers a pure fishing experience. The area is deep, cold, with whitewater rapids and large forests. Fish like brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout live here. You can see stunning waterfalls and enjoy the wilderness without motor vehicles or camping.


Wisconsin is a top spot for fishing because it offers a wide range of options. You can fish in famous trout streams, the big Mississippi River, or find secret spots like the Kickapoo River West Fork. It’s perfect for anyone who loves fishing, no matter their expertise. You can try to catch big trout, take on the Mississippi River’s challenges, or discover new fishing spots. Wisconsin has a lot to offer outdoor lovers.

Its clear waters, many fish types, and beautiful sights make Wisconsin ideal for fishing. You can fish in places like the known Bois Brule River or the quiet Kickapoo River West Fork. With so many options, Wisconsin welcomes all fishermen. Grab your fishing gear, put on your boots, and start your fishing journey in the Midwest.

Wisconsin’s fishing spots are special not just for great fishing but also for their history, lively towns, and stunning nature. When you fish in Wisconsin, you find a place full of surprises. Here, the river’s flow and the joy of catching fish make unforgettable moments.


What makes Wisconsin a premier fishing destination?

Wisconsin is well-known for its fishing spots, with over 10,000 miles of streams, creeks, and rivers. These waters are clear and cold, perfect for trout and other game fish. Anglers of all levels enjoy coming here to fish.

What are some of the famous trout fishing destinations in Wisconsin?

The Kinnickinnic River near River Falls, the Namekagon River near Cable, and the Bois Brule River near Brule are top spots. They are famous for their wild brown and brook trout. Even U.S. presidents have come here for the great fishing.

What other types of fishing can be found in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has more than trout fishing. Anglers can fish for walleye, white bass, and muskie on the Mississippi River. The Fox River Valley has a variety of game fish. Don’t miss the white bass run there in May.

Are there any hidden gem fishing destinations in Wisconsin?

Yes, there are hidden gems in Wisconsin too. The Kickapoo River West Fork near Viroqua is one, famous for its trout. Then, there’s the Pike River in Marinette County, a Wild River with brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

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