Wisconsin Fall Foliage

Autumnal Beauty: Where to Find the Best Fall Foliage in Wisconsin

Have you wondered where to find Wisconsin’s most stunning fall scenery? This state is famous for its nature. During fall, the land turns into a vibrant canvas, with amazing shades of red, orange, and yellow. This change lasts from mid-September to October, turning Wisconsin into a place where you can see scenic drives, leaf peeping, and fall colors in their full splendor.

This guide will show you the best spots in Wisconsin to enjoy the incredible scenery of autumn. We’ll cover well-known places as well as hidden treasures. Be prepared to witness nature’s beauty and find the top Wisconsin fall foliage spots.

Key Takeaways

  • Wisconsin transforms into a vibrant autumnal wonderland from mid-September to October.
  • The state offers a wide variety of scenic destinations to witness the best fall foliage.
  • Explore classic tourist spots and hidden gems for the ultimate leaf-peeping experience.
  • Discover the best places to enjoy Wisconsin’s fall colors on scenic drives and hiking trails.
  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Wisconsin’s leaf peeping destinations.

Imagine finding the most beautiful, not-so-well-known fall spots in Wisconsin. Get ready to be wowed as we share the state’s hidden autumn gems. The ultimate leaf-peeping adventure awaits.

Wisconsin’s Breathtaking Autumn Landscapes

Wisconsin is known for its stunning fall colors. The state turns into a lively painting of reds, oranges, and yellows. There are many places to see this magic, from famous spots to secret locations. Each one lets you experience Wisconsin’s beauty up close during autumn.

Holy Hill Basilica and National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians

The Holy Hill Basilica and National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians in Hubertus is a special place. It is a Roman Catholic shrine on top of a glacial hill. This neo-Romanesque building is not just a church. It’s also known for providing amazing views of the fall leaves all around.

Blue Mound State Park

Blue Mound State Park is at the highest point in southern Wisconsin. It stands 1,719 feet tall. This makes it a great place to see far and wide during fall. The park is beautiful, especially as the leaves start to change. It’s perfect for enjoying nature’s colors during the fall season.

Peninsula State Park

Located in Door County, Peninsula State Park is full of beauty in the fall. It spans 3,776 acres and has nearly eight miles of Green Bay shoreline. This park is great for walking and biking, with trails that show off the best of fall. The views of the water and trees are unforgettable.

Lapham Peak

Lapham Peak in Delafield is perfect for those who love fall. It’s known for its untouched nature. The 45-foot observation tower offers stunning views of Waukesha County. It’s an ideal place to see the bright colors from above. A must-visit spot for fans of fall scenery.

Wisconsin Fall Foliage: Underrated and Scenic Destinations

fall foliage

Wisconsin is full of underrated spots for a memorable autumn trip. These places, unknown to many, burst with beautiful fall colors. They range from hidden city jewels to stunning natural sites. Each showcase the season’s changing leaves in a unique and awe-inspiring way.

Grant Park, South Milwaukee

Grant Park in South Milwaukee hides a special secret. It lets visitors enjoy fall foliage right in the heart of the city. The Seven Bridges Trail takes hikers through a magical scene. It’s a perfect place to witness the leaves’ vibrant change.

Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo

For those seeking a scenic fall retreat, Devil’s Lake is a must. The park surrounds a clear lake with unique quartzite bluffs. These bluffs set the perfect stage for fall’s bright display. Visitors can explore the area via the Balanced Rock Trail. It’s a bit challenging but rewards hikers with stunning views.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva becomes a top pick for autumn getaways in Wisconsin. Its peaceful vibes, charming shops, and lively wine scene welcome all. You can either take a leisurely stroll along the 26-mile Geneva Lake Shore Path to revel in the fall colors. Or, enjoy a dinner sail for a different view of the seasonal hues.

Perrot State Park, Trempealeau

Perrot State Park amazes with its bold reds, oranges, and yellows during fall. The park’s extensive trails, like the challenging Brady’s Bluff Trail, provide unmatched views. You’ll see the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers framed by the colorful leaves. It’s a sight to remember.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a hidden paradise for autumn lovers. Here, Lake Superior meets the fiery fall foliage in a stunning contrast. You can take a boat tour or a kayak adventure to fully appreciate this breathtaking spectacle. Either choice offers a unique way to experience nature’s autumn show.

Kettle Moraine State Forest, Kewaskum

Kettle Moraine State Forest in Kewaskum is another picturesque fall destination. Its Parnell Tower lookout rewards visitors with a wide, scenic view. You’ll see layers of forest, farms, and towns for over 20 miles. This moderately tough hike is more than worth it for its breathtaking views.

Hidden Gems for Leaf-Peeping Adventures

Autumn Foliage

Wisconsin has more than just famous leaf-peeping spots. It’s full of hidden gems for admiring fall’s beauty. Places like Eagle River, Rib Mountain State Park, and Governor Dodge State Park offer great views.

Eagle River is a small town known for its natural beauty, perfect for fall fans. The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest here is ideal for outdoor activities. The Spectacle Lake Recreation Area is great for taking pictures of the colorful fall trees.

Rib Mountain State Park, Wausau

Rib Mountain State Park in Wausau is a top spot for fall views. Its ancient mountain gives stunning looks over the Wisconsin River. Visit the park’s Granite Peak Scenic Chairlift for an amazing view of the fall colors, especially at sunset.

Governor Dodge State Park, Dodgeville

In the Driftless Area, Governor Dodge State Park is perfect for the autumn beauty. It has trails like the 3.2-mile Mill Creek Loop for hiking. These paths offer great views of hills, meadows, and colorful trees.


Wisconsin’s fall foliage season is truly remarkable, showcasing the state’s varied landscapes. It’s a time when visitors can see nature’s beauty at its peak. Landmarks like the Holy Hill Basilica and Eagle River highlight Wisconsin’s offering for leaf-peeping.

This guide has outlined ideal spots for enjoying the fall colors. You can take a scenic drive, go for a hike, or enjoy a boat cruise. The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Rib Mountain State Park stand out for their stunning autumn views.

Plan your Wisconsin fall trip to witness nature’s artistry. You’ll see the state’s scenery turn into a vibrant, warm-colored tapestry. It’s a great chance to make memories in the midst of this beautiful but brief season.


What are some of the best places in Wisconsin to see fall foliage?

Wisconsin has many spots perfect for seeing the fall colors. You should visit the Holy Hill Basilica and the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians. Others include Blue Mound State Park and Peninsula State Park.Don’t forget Lapham Peak or Grant Park. Also, check out Devil’s Lake, Lake Geneva, and the Apostle Islands. The Kettle Moraine State Forest, Eagle River, and Rib Mountain are great choices too. Finally, make sure to see Governor Dodge State Park and Perrot State Park.

What is the best time of year to see the fall foliage in Wisconsin?

The best time to see Wisconsin’s fall colors is from mid-September through October. During this time, the state comes alive with reds, oranges, and yellows.

Are there any unique or lesser-known spots for fall foliage viewing in Wisconsin?

Absolutely. In addition to known places, hidden gems for fall colors include Grant Park and the Spectacle Lake area. The Driftless Area, like Governor Dodge State Park, is worth exploring as well.

What activities can visitors enjoy while admiring the fall foliage in Wisconsin?

You can enjoy the fall colors in Wisconsin through various activities. These include scenic drives, hiking, and biking. Boat cruises and chairlift rides at Rib Mountain State Park are also great ways to see the beauty.

Are there any must-see landmarks or natural wonders that showcase the autumn colors in Wisconsin?

Yes, Wisconsin boasts several places that display the autumn colors beautifully. Don’t miss the Holy Hill Basilica, the glacial hills at Blue Mound State Park, and the bluff views at Devil’s Lake. Also, check out the Lapham Peak observation tower.

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