Wilmington Historic Sites

A Glimpse into History: Touring Wilmington’s Historic Sites

Welcome to Wilmington, a city full of history, in North Carolina. It’s known for its lovely street. Did you know its historic places are as great as Charleston and Savannah? Yes, really! With its large National Register Historic District, Wilmington has been important for trade, politics, and culture. It has faced wars like the Revolutionary, Civil, and World War II. This is why it’s called the first “American World War II Heritage City.”

How do you see Wilmington’s rich history and beautiful buildings? You can take walking tours, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or visit old homes. Places like the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History & Design, Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens, and the Latimer House Museum are waiting for you.

Are you ready to explore Wilmington’s past? Let’s discover together the stories and beauty this city keeps!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wilmington, North Carolina, boasts a remarkable history and architectural beauty.
  • Its 230-plus-block National Register Historic District rivals cities like Charleston and Savannah.
  • Wilmington survived through major wars and was designated as an “American World War II Heritage City” in 2020.
  • Exploring the city’s historic sites can be done through walking tours, horse-drawn carriage rides, and visits to historic homes.
  • Must-visit historic homes in Wilmington include the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History & Design, Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens, and the Latimer House Museum.

Exploring Wilmington on the Water: River Excursions and Boat Tours

Take a unique trip through Wilmington by boat. Enjoy the sights along the beautiful Cape Fear River. Wilmington Water Tours has many tours for different interests.

You can learn about the city’s history while enjoying the view. This is perfect for history fans, nature lovers, and those who love a good sunset. Get ready to be amazed by Wilmington’s story.

Wilmington Water Tours:

Choose from various tours at Wilmington Water Tours. Pick a history tour, an eco-tour, or a relaxing sunset cruise. Learn interesting facts and stories from knowledgeable guides about the city’s past.

See the city’s historic buildings right from the boat. It’s like stepping back in time, right on the riverbanks.

“Taking a boat tour along the Cape Fear River was a highlight of our visit to Wilmington. It offered a unique perspective and allowed us to appreciate the city’s history and beauty from a different angle.”

Cape Fear River Boats:

Join the adventure aboard the Henrietta by Cape Fear River Boats. It’s the oldest river cruise company in Wilmington. You’ll learn about the river’s important role in the city’s history while seeing beautiful landmarks.

BrewBoat Wilmington:

Looking for a fun, interactive tour? Try BrewBoat Wilmington. It’s a paddleboat where you can enjoy a drink as you explore. It’s eco-friendly and perfect for a day out with friends.

Recommended Boat Tours:

CompanyTour OptionsHighlights
Wilmington Water ToursHistory tours, eco-tours, sunset cruisesBreathtaking river views, narrated excursions, historic sites
Cape Fear River BoatsSightseeing toursLearn about the river’s history, panoramic views
BrewBoat WilmingtonPaddleboat excursionsEco-friendly, bring your own beverages

Exploring Wilmington from the water is a unique experience. It deepens your understanding of the city’s heritage. Whether with Wilmington Water Tours, Cape Fear River Boats, or BrewBoat Wilmington, you’ll have an amazing time.

Stepping Back in Time: Walking Tours and Historic Home Visits

walking tour in Wilmington

Immerse yourself in Wilmington’s history by joining a walking tour. Tour Old Wilmington guides will share the city’s rich history. They tell fascinating tales as you walk its streets. If you like exploring solo, try the Wilmington History app. It has self-guided tours, including key parts of the city’s history like the African-American and Civil War stories.

Take a unique horse-drawn carriage tour with Springbrook Farms. Your guide will tell you about Wilmington’s famous people and grand homes.

Visit historic homes like the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History & Design. Also, see the Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens and the Latimer House Museum. These places let you witness the architectural beauty of well-preserved homes from the past.


Wilmington, North Carolina, is bursting with history and beautiful buildings. It welcomes all to explore its historic sites. You can take a boat tour on the Cape Fear River or walk its charming streets. Or maybe you prefer to visit its grand historic homes. Wilmington has many ways to dive into its interesting past.

The city’s riverfront and iconic landmarks like the Bellamy Mansion Museum will make you feel you’ve traveled back in time. You can also see the beauty of Burgwin-Wright House and the Latimer House Museum. These well-kept places show how Wilmington treasures its history.

Don’t miss seeing Wilmington’s historic sites. Every step and story will make you love the city’s lively history more. Go out and explore. Discover the charm and rich culture of Wilmington’s historic places. There, the past’s echo with the present, waiting to be heard.


What is the significance of Wilmington’s historic sites?

They give us a peek into the past of Wilmington. They show off its history and beautiful old buildings.

How can I explore Wilmington’s historic sites?

You can see them on foot, by horse-drawn carriage, or by visiting grand homes and museums.

What kind of boat tours are available in Wilmington?

Wilmington Water Tours have many trips, from history to sunset cruises. Cape Fear River Boats shows you the sights on the river.

Are there any self-guided tours available?

The Wilmington History app has guides for you. They cover different parts of the city’s story, like African-American and Civil War tales.

What historic homes should I visit in Wilmington?

Important sites include Bellamy Mansion Museum, Burgwin-Wright House, and Latimer House Museum. They are must-sees.

How can I learn more about the city’s history?

Joining a walking tour with Tour Old Wilmington is great. Local guides tell you interesting stories about the city.

Can I take a horse-drawn carriage tour in Wilmington?

Indeed, Springbrook Farms lets you explore by carriage. You’ll see the city’s famous places and learn about its history.

What can I expect from a boat tour on the Cape Fear River?

The boat tour offers beautiful river views. You’ll also learn about its history and see wildlife and nature up close.

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