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Soak Up Nevada: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hot Springs

Ready to soak in nature’s soothing warmth? Nevada’s got over 300 hot springs, making it the perfect place to unwind. These hot springs let you connect with the calm beauty of nature.

Nevada is full of scenic spots, from hidden getaways to lively hot springs. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something you love in Nevada. It’s time to discover the magic of Nevada’s natural hot springs with us.

Characteristics to Consider When Choosing a Hot Spring

Before diving into your hot spring adventure, there are key features to think about. Start with the water’s condition. Choose ones with clear, clean water and temperatures in the high 90s or low 100s Fahrenheit. Steer clear of any that smell bad or have mites. And watch out for any dangerous critters, like red spider mites and brain-eating bacteria.

Think about the setup for soaking, too. Some springs are in natural pools, some have vessels like stock tanks. Look for extras like mats or seats to up your comfort level.

Also, consider where the hot spring is and how easy it is to get to. Some are far off, needing special cars or a good hike. Others are near cities, but often crowded. By weighing these traits, you can pick a hot spring that’s just right for you.

Water Condition

The state of the water is a major factor when picking a hot spring. Aim for water that’s clear and clean. Skipping springs with murky water helps ensure better quality water for soaking.


The hot spring’s temperature is very important. Seek out springs in the high 90s or low 100s Fahrenheit. This is usually ideal for a warm, relaxing soak. But remember, it all depends on personal comfort levels.


Though uncommon, it’s smart to be wary of organisms in hot springs. You might encounter red spider mites in some. They can irritate your skin. And sometimes, there’s a very rare risk of brain-eating bacteria. While the chance of illness is low, being careful is wise.


Think about the extra touches a hot spring may offer. Some have mats, seating, or decks to boost your relaxation. These features can really improve your time in the spring. So, don’t overlook them when choosing.

Location and Accessibility

Look at where the hot spring is and how easy it is to reach. Some are hidden away and need a good vehicle or a hike. The others are closer to cities but are often busier. Your personal convenience and liking will guide your choice here.

Considering water quality, temperature, the presence of organisms, facilities, location, and access is key. These elements help in finding an ideal hot spring for enjoying the benefits of its thermal waters.

Recommended Hot Springs in Nevada

Spencer Hot Springs

Nevada has amazing hot springs for a special and calming time. You can find spots with clear water, amazing sights, or a natural pond. Here are four hot springs you should visit:

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs is our first pick, found in the stunning Big Smoky Valley. It has clear water and several spots to soak. Enjoy the views while you relax.

Fish Lake Valley Hot Well

Location: South of Reno

Highlights: Excellent water quality, large outdoor pool fed by hot mineral water

Fish Lake Valley Hot Well is just a bit south of Reno. It’s known for its great water and a big pool that’s warmed by the earth. The peaceful scenery adds to its charm.

Trego Hot Springs

Location: Near the Burning Man playa

Highlights: Natural pond for soaking, scenic views

Trego Hot Springs is unique and near the Burning Man site. It has a pond for soaking. The gorgeous views make any trip special.

Bartine Hot Springs

Location: Nevada, USA

Highlights: Picturesque setting, stone tub with mountain views

Lastly, Bartine Hot Springs is set in a stunning location. In its stone tub, you can see beautiful mountains. This place will make you feel calm and renewed after your visit.

Each hot spring offers something special. Pick the one that fits what you like, and have a great time exploring Nevada’s natural wonders.


In conclusion, Nevada is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy nature. It has many natural hot springs, making it ideal for fans of hot springs. You can pick from hidden places to top hotels that fit your style.

Choosing the right hot spring is key for a great experience. Look at the water, where you can soak, what’s provided, how close it is, and if it’s easy to get to. This helps you find the best place to unwind in Nevada’s beautiful scenes.

Dive into the peace and refreshment of Nevada’s hot springs. Start a journey full of nature where you can relax, find peace, and see beautiful surroundings. Choose Nevada for the best in unwinding in stunning settings.


What should I consider when choosing a hot spring?

When you pick a hot spring, look into the water first. Make sure it’s clear and clean. It’s best if the water is really hot, around the high 90s or low 100s Fahrenheit.Stay away from red spider mites and brain-eating bacteria. Also, check out how you’ll soak. It could be a natural pool or a spring with a container to sit in.Think about what’s available, like mats for comfort or seating. And think about how easy it is to get to the hot spring.

Where can I find recommended hot springs in Nevada?

Nevada has lots of amazing hot springs. Check out Spencer Hot Springs in the Big Smoky Valley. Fish Lake Valley hot well is a good option too, located south of Reno.Don’t miss Trego hot springs, near the Burning Man playa, for a unique experience. Bartine hot springs also offer beautiful mountain views.

How many hot springs are there in Nevada?

Nevada has over 300 hot springs, which is more than any other state. If you explore the Eastern Sierra region over the border in California, you’ll find even more hot spring spots.

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