Oregon Hot Springs

Soak in Nature: The Top Hot Springs in Oregon

Oregon boasts many natural hot springs sought after by both locals and visitors. They are found in areas as diverse as mountain forests and desert plains. These springs owe their warmth to the earth’s geothermal energy. The water’s mineral-rich qualities are thought to aid in relaxation and well-being.

In Oregon, you’ll find hot springs of all kinds. Some have modern amenities like concrete pools and facilities. Others are hidden gems, reachable only by foot. It’s important to know that some springs sit on private land and require a small fee to use. Before visiting, remember to respect the environment. This includes not using soap, shampoo, and glass in the water. Plus, take out any trash you bring to keep these areas beautiful.

Key Takeaways

  • Oregon is home to numerous natural hot springs in a variety of scenic regions.
  • These hot springs are formed by the earth’s geothermal activity, making the water rich in minerals and believed to have therapeutic benefits.
  • There are a range of hot springs in Oregon, from developed facilities to more secluded, hike-in pools.
  • Many hot springs are located on public land, while some require a fee to access on private property.
  • Visitors should follow safety rules and etiquette to help preserve these natural hot springs.

Discover Oregon’s Geothermal Wonders

Oregon is famous for its beautiful nature. Among its top attractions are the natural hot springs. These unique sites are fueled by the earth’s heat and rich in minerals. Visitors can relax in these geothermal pools and enjoy the natural beauty. The Umpqua Hot Springs and Summer Lake Hot Springs stand out as must-visit places.

Umpqua Hot Springs: A Riverside Oasis

The Umpqua Hot Springs are in the Umpqua National Forest. They are known for their calming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. These pools are nestled in a cliff and are warmed by a natural spring, perfect for a soak.

Getting there means a short 0.3-mile hike. But, it’s a rewarding journey. The springs offer not just a relaxing soak but also beautiful scenery and chances to experience the outdoors.

Summer Lake Hot Springs: A Desert Retreat

In eastern Oregon’s high desert, you’ll find the Summer Lake Hot Springs. They’re a peaceful escape from everyday life. Tucked away in a remote area, these hot springs allow visitors to unwind in the quiet desert landscape.

The Summer Lake Hot Springs offer various pools and amenities. They are a favorite spot for those looking to recharge in Oregon’s amazing outdoors.

Oregon Hot Springs

Oregon hot springs

Oregon’s hot springs are more than just places to relax. They offer unique experiences, perfect for nature lovers. Terwilliger Hot Springs is a clothing-optional sanctuary. Breitenbush Hot Springs is a magical retreat. These places let visitors immerse themselves in nature’s beauty and find renewal.

Terwilliger Hot Springs: A Clothing-Optional Sanctuary

Deep in the Oregon woods sit Terwilliger Hot Springs. It’s also called Cougar Hot Springs. Here, you’ll find four clothing-optional pools fed by a waterfall. To get there, you’ll hike a half-mile trail from the parking lot. The pools’ temperatures reach up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though it’s one of Oregon’s busiest hot springs, Terwilliger is special. It’s known for its beauty. Soaking there lets you enjoy nature’s calm. And you’re surrounded by lovely scenic landscapes.

Breitenbush Hot Springs: A Magical Retreat

Breitenbush Hot Springs is for those who truly love nature. It’s in the Cascade Mountains, where a variety of pools wait. You’ll be soaking surrounded by tall trees and scenic landscapes.

This area lets visitors benefit from its healing waters. You’ll experience deep peace in the heart of the Oregon wilderness. It’s a place that really refreshes your body and soul.


Oregon’s hot springs are truly beautiful places. They offer a special experience. You can enjoy Umpqua Hot Springs by a calm river or the peace of Summer Lake Hot Springs in the desert. These hot springs mix relaxation with exploring nature.

At places like Terwilliger Hot Springs, you can be without clothes among nature. Or maybe you’d love Breitenbush Hot Springs for its magical feel. Oregon’s hot springs are perfect for anyone wanting a unique experience.

When you soak in these hot springs, you connect with Oregon’s beauty. You also feel the health benefits from Earth’s natural heat. Whether you like quiet spots or full-service places, Oregon’s hot springs have options for everyone.

Plan to visit Oregon’s wonderful hot springs for a relaxing and fun time. Enjoy the beauty and activities this state has to offer. A visit to these geothermal oases will refresh and invigorate you.


What types of hot springs can be found in Oregon?

Oregon has many different hot springs to enjoy. Some have pools and changing rooms, making them easy to use. Others are more natural, hidden in the wilderness and reached by hiking. The water in these springs gets warm from the earth’s heat, and it has lots of minerals known for their health benefits.

Where are some of the most popular hot springs located in Oregon?

In Oregon, you’ll find favorite spots like Umpqua Hot Springs in Umpqua National Forest. There’s also Terwilliger Hot Springs, known locally as Cougar Hot Springs, and Breitenbush Hot Springs.

What are the benefits of visiting Oregon’s hot springs?

Going to Oregon’s hot springs lets you relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. The warm, mineral-rich water is good for your health and feels great. It’s a mix of calming enjoyment and outdoor fun in beautiful places.

What are some safety considerations when visiting Oregon’s hot springs?

When at Oregon’s hot springs, remember some important rules. Don’t use soap, shampoo, or bring glass to protect the environment. Also, pick up all your garbage when you leave to keep these places clean and safe.

Are there any clothing-optional hot springs in Oregon?

Indeed, Terwilliger Hot Springs, or Cougar Hot Springs, has four pools where clothing is optional. They’re nestled in the Oregon woods, perfect for those who prefer a more natural experience.

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