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Soak in Serenity: Discovering New Mexico’s Natural Hot Springs

Feeling stressed and needing a reset? Look to New Mexico’s natural hot springs for relaxation and renewal. These spots are peaceful and healing. But what sets them apart? And how can you get the most out of your visit?

New Mexico has many hot springs, each unique and special. They are full of natural minerals that soothe the body. Jemez Springs stands out with water that’s sweet and odor-free. Plus, it has four pools with different temperatures for everyone to enjoy.

Before you go to the hot springs, know that you can’t make reservations. So, it’s smart to show up early to get in. Don’t forget your water bottle and swimwear. But remember, leave behind alcohol, smoking/vaping stuff, and sunscreen to keep the area calm and eco-friendly.

These hot springs get pretty busy because they can’t hold too many people. They’re open certain days of the week, like Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It’s best to arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before they close. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy and de-stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Mexico’s natural hot springs offer a serene and therapeutic experience.
  • Jemez Springs is famous for its sweet water and four pools with varying temperatures.
  • Reservations are not accepted, so plan to arrive early.
  • Prohibited items include alcohol, smoking/vaping products, and sunscreen lotions.
  • Occupancy is limited, so arriving an hour and 15 minutes before closing is recommended.

Riverbend Hot Springs: A Riverside Oasis

Riverbend Hot Springs sits on the Rio Grande’s edge, making it unique. Guests can enjoy hot springs while taking in beautiful views. The setting is perfect for those who seek relaxation. The mineral-rich hot springs offer health benefits.

There are many lodging choices, from simple rooms to bigger spaces. For extra privacy, private soaks are available. You can also buy special robes and gift cards at the Riverbend Hot Springs gift shop. These options make the stay more comfortable and memorable.

“Riverbend Hot Springs is like a hidden gem on the Rio Grande. The relaxing atmosphere and natural hot springs make it the perfect destination for a weekend retreat.” – Anna Thompson, satisfied guest

The resort has certain rules to ensure a peaceful experience. This includes quiet areas and an adult-only policy. They also require guests to shower before entering the pools. No food and drinks close to the pools are allowed. Riverbend Hot Springs is available from early morning until late at night all year round. You can book online or call for a reservation.

A Variety of Lodging Options

Riverbend Hot Springs has many places to stay. There are rooms with river views or suites with more space and amenities. People of all preferences and budgets will find something they like. This makes the stay enjoyable for everyone.

Room TypeFeaturesStarting Price
Standard RoomCozy and comfortable, with river views$100 per night
Deluxe RoomEnhanced amenities, such as a mini-fridge and microwave$150 per night
SuiteSpacious living area, kitchenette, and private patio$200 per night

Upgrade to a Private Soak

If you want a private experience, consider a private soak. You’ll have your own hot tub. This is perfect for those seeking privacy and relaxation. It’s an excellent way to unwind and rejuvenate.

To visit or learn more about Riverbend Hot Springs, check out their website or call. Discover the calm of the Rio Grande and enjoy top relaxation at this spot.

Ten Thousand Waves: A Japanese-inspired Retreat in Santa Fe

Ten Thousand Waves is a top spa resort in Santa Fe. It offers a unique Japanese experience. It mixes the feel of Japan’s onsens with Japanese-adobe design.

Here, guests can enjoy many treatments, like shiatsu massages. Izanami, the resort’s restaurant, serves great Japanese food.

The resort has grown with feedback, adding new services. It now has seven private hot tubs. They’re perfect for unwinding with the sound of water all around.

To stay safe from the pandemic, the resort made some changes. Now, most spaces are private. They also improved air filtration. Online reservations are needed for the community tub.

Visit Ten Thousand Waves to feel the real vibes of a Japanese spa. It’s an escape to peace and renewal, right in Santa Fe. Experience true relaxation and rejuvenation at this hidden gem.


What are the rates for soaking at Jemez Springs?

Soaking at Jemez Springs costs between and for each person. Prices vary.

Are reservations accepted at Jemez Springs?

They do not take reservations at Jemez Springs. Getting there early is wise since they can only host 30 people at once.

What should I bring when visiting Jemez Springs?

When you go to Jemez Springs, bring a water bottle and a swimsuit. You’ll need these for your visit.

What items are prohibited at Jemez Springs?

Don’t bring alcohol, smoking or vaping products, and sunscreen to Jemez Springs. They are not allowed.

What are the hours of operation at Jemez Springs?

Jemez Springs is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10am to 5pm. Saturdays sees hours of 9:30am to 6pm. Try to be there at least an hour and 15 minutes before closing.

What are the policies at Riverbend Hot Springs?

At Riverbend Hot Springs, you must be quiet around the private pools. Children under 12 cannot go in. No food or alcohol near the pools, and you need to shower first.

What are the hours of operation at Riverbend Hot Springs?

Riverbend Hot Springs is ready for you from 8am till 10pm, every single day.

How can I make a reservation at Riverbend Hot Springs?

You can book a slot at Riverbend Hot Springs either online or by phone.

What amenities are available at Riverbend Hot Springs?

Riverbend Hot Springs has a cool gift shop. You can buy special robes and gift certificates there.

What is the inspiration behind Ten Thousand Waves?

Ten Thousand Waves looks to Japan’s onsens, known for their hot-springs resorts, for its design and experience.

What treatments are offered at Ten Thousand Waves?

At Ten Thousand Waves, you can enjoy many treatments. This includes the famous shiatsu massage from Japan.

Are communal soaks available at Ten Thousand Waves?

Due to the pandemic, communal soaks are not an option at Ten Thousand Waves for now.

What changes have been made at Ten Thousand Waves in response to the pandemic?

Ten Thousand Waves made some important changes. They turned communal spaces into private ones for safety. They also added better air filtration.

Can guests reserve to soak in the large community tub at Ten Thousand Waves?

Yes, you can book online to soak in Ten Thousand Waves’ special Shin Kobuta community tub, even now.

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