Things to Do in Spokane with Kids

🌟 Ultimate Family Adventure Guide in Spokane: Fun, Thrills & Learning 🌲

Discover Spokane, Washington – a vibrant city where every path you take turns into a family adventure, unfolding a world brimming with activities tailored for your little ones. With family-friendly activities Spokane has to offer, the city transforms into a playground for the young and the young at heart. Immerse yourself in the abundant kid-friendly attractions Spokane lays out from scenic parks to thrilling interactive venues. Whether you are on the hunt for enriching experiences or Spokane family fun ideas, this haven of vibrancy will exceed your expectations. If you have been searching for places to visit with kids in Spokane that guarantee to engage their curiosity while entertaining them, embark on a journey through our curated selection of attractions and unearth the gems Spokane holds for every family.

Key Takeaways

  • Spokane is a treasure trove of experiences where you can craft unforgettable memories with a variety of family-centered activities.
  • From the sprawling greenery to the heart of downtown, discover parks and places that pique the interest of infants and teenagers alike.
  • Interactive museums in Spokane are designed not just to amuse but educate, merging play with learning seamlessly.
  • The city offers a multicultural adventure, with attractions showcasing everything from horticulture to historical marvels.
  • Get ready to kindle both the thrill-seekers and the inquisitive minds in your family through Spokane’s diverse attractions.
  • Whether indoors or out in nature, Spokane serves up ample opportunities to stay active and enthralled.

Riverfront Park: The Epicenter of Spokane Family Adventure

Boasting endless outdoor adventures for kids in Spokane, Riverfront Park stands as a beacon of joy and entertainment in the heart of the city. This urban oasis is where the excitement of discovery meets the serenity of nature, creating the perfect destination for families to indulge in fun things for kids in Spokane. From lush green spaces to innovative play areas and rides, the park is meticulously designed to cater to the interests and imaginations of children.

The Numerous Playgrounds of Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park offers a world of amazement for little adventurers with its uniquely themed playgrounds. The iconic Childhood Express Radio Flyer wagon is a larger-than-life attraction that sparks the imagination, while the Providence Playscape provides inclusive fun with its diverse range of features designed for children of all abilities. The Basketball-themed playground rounds off the experience with a Hooptown court for aspiring athletes and Ice Age play structures that are as educational as they are entertaining.

Rides and Attractions: SkyRide, Looff Carrousel, and Skate Ribbon

The park’s charm continues with its historic and thrilling rides and attractions. The 1909 Looff Carrousel is a beloved treasure, offering a nostalgic ride amid intricately carved and painted horses. Meanwhile, the Numerica SkyRide offers an aerial journey across the majestic Spokane Falls, allowing families to absorb the grandeur of nature from above. For a different kind of glide, the Numerica Skate Ribbon provides a unique way to experience the park’s scenery on skates, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Evening Splendor: The Pavilion Light Show

As dusk settles over Riverfront Park, the Pavilion takes center stage with its mesmerizing light show. This spectacle of color and brightness adds an extra layer of wonder to the evening outings, concluding an eventful day with a free-to-watch performance that dazzles and delights visitors. It’s the perfect way to immerse in the culture of the city, making it not just another park visit, but a true Spokane memory.

Discovering Wildlife and Aquatic Wonders

Children exploring The Blue Zoo Spokane

Spokane, known for its captivating landscapes and family-oriented atmosphere, is also home to enriching children’s events that allow youngsters and adults alike to encounter the magnificent creatures of our planet. At the heart of these experiences are two remarkable venues: the Cat Tales Wildlife Center and The Blue Zoo Spokane.

The Cat Tales Wildlife Center serves as a haven for rescued big cats and local fauna, providing a sanctuary that emphasizes conservation and education. Visitors are treated to a deep dive into the lives of these majestic animals, with each exhibit curated to inform and inspire.

On the flip side, The Blue Zoo Spokane immerses families in the underwater world with its interactive aquarium experience. Its touch pools and face-to-face encounters with marine life offer an opportunity to connect with aquatic creatures in a way that educates while it entertains.

The complementary nature of these two destinations provides a comprehensive overview of both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Below is an overview detailing the experiences you can expect to encounter at each location:

FeatureCat Tales Wildlife CenterThe Blue Zoo Spokane
Animals on DisplayLions, Tigers, Bears, and moreStingrays, Reptiles, Sharks, and tropical fish
Interactive OpportunitiesGuided tours, animal feeding sessionsTouch pools, interactive dives
Educational ValueWildlife conservation programs, informational talksAquatic education sessions, hands-on learning
Unique ExperiencesPhoto opportunities with big catsBehind-the-scenes tours, birthday parties

The synergy of education and engagement found in these destinations cements Spokane’s reputation for hosting quality children’s events in Spokane that delight and inform. Whether it is the roar of a lion or the gentle touch of a sea star, these encounters promise to create lasting family memories.

Outdoor Thrills and Water Sports for Active Families

Family enjoying water sports for kids in Spokane

Spokane is a playground for families who love to embrace the great outdoors and seek heart-pounding action. With a range of activities designed to cater to different ages and thrill levels, everyone in the family can join in on the excitement.

Zip-lining at Mica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park

Soar through the treetops and experience the rush of zip line and aerial park tours in Spokane. Mica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park is an exhilarating escape for those who thrive on adventure and wish to witness the beauty of Liberty Lake from above. Perfect for adventurers aged six and older, these tours offer a unique perspective of Washington’s stunning landscapes.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding with Fun Unlimited, Inc.

For water enthusiasts, Spokane delivers a slice of paradise with numerous water sports for kids and families. Fun Unlimited, Inc., located along the scenic Centennial Trail, offers families the opportunity to explore the waters via kayaks and paddleboards. Glide across the river and take in the sights of Riverfront Park from a different vantage point.

River Rafting Adventures on the Spokane River

Embrace the thrill of the currents with an unforgettable river rafting adventure on the Spokane River. Join Wiley E. Waters for a journey that combines the excitement of white-water rapids with the stunning natural scenery Spokane is known for. These trips provide not just adrenaline rushes, but also moments of peaceful appreciation of the region’s rugged beauty.

ActivityAge SuitabilityExperience LevelLocation
Zip Line Tours6+Beginner to AdvancedMica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park, Liberty Lake
Kayaking & PaddleboardingAll agesBeginner to IntermediateFun Unlimited, Inc., Centennial Trail
River RaftingVaries on TourBeginner to AdvancedWiley E. Waters, Spokane River

Educational Encounters at Mobius Discovery Center and Beyond

Mobius Discovery Center interactive learning

Spokane’s own Mobius Discovery Center offers a range of indoor activities for kids in Spokane that stand out as not just entertaining, but profoundly enriching. This treasure trove of knowledge opposite Riverfront Park is a magnet for young minds eager for educational encounters in Spokane.

At the heart of Mobius Discovery Center, the role of play in learning is celebrated and encouraged through hands-on experiences designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for discovery.

Interactive Exhibits for Hands-on Learning

Watch as your children fire off air-powered rockets, delve into the finer points of bridge engineering, or engage with the live reptile exhibit. The center’s STEAM labs provide a place for would-be scientists to conduct experiments while artists in the making explore their creative sides through diverse arts and crafts activities.

The Enchanted Forest Play Area for Young Explorers

For the little adventurers, the center’s Enchanted Forest play area is a magical domain. As children traverse this specially crafted space, they encounter a world that nurtures their natural inclination for exploration through imaginative playβ€”a key aspect of developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Mobius Discovery Center exemplifies the innovative spirit of Spokane, where education and enjoyment go hand in hand. It’s a place where the quest for knowledge is kindled, and the flame of discovery burns bright for every child who walks through its doors.

Things to Do in Spokane with Kids: A Comprehensive Guide

Family activities at Manito Park

When planning your family itinerary, Spokane emerges as a treasure trove of child-friendly activities that evoke wonder and excitement. For both the young and the young at heart, this city is replete with destinations that blend education, recreation, and relaxation into one seamless experience. Uncover the vibrant offerings sprinkled across this charming city and watch as your kids marvel at the endless possibilities for fun and discovery.

Exploring Manito Park and its Themed Gardens

A sprawling expanse of greenery and blooms, Manito Park is a verdant sanctuary that invites families to explore its themed gardens and open spaces. This park is not only a feast for the eyes but also an educational excursion where kids can learn about diverse plant species and landscape designs. With playgrounds and picnic spots dotting the area, it’s a perfect setting for a day of fun things for kids in Spokane.

Experience the Charm and Attractions of Downtown Spokane

The heart of Spokane beats with the rhythm of city life mingled with childlike wonder. Downtown Spokane offers an array of attractions destined to please with its blend of shops, urban parks, and eateries. Engage in a cultural quest as you stroll by historical attractions in Spokane, including iconic landmarks and modern sculptures, ensuring an enriching experience for the entire family.

Visiting the Historical Spokane Falls and Centennial Trail

For the family with an appetite for adventure, the majestic Spokane Falls provides a powerful display of nature’s force, while the Centennial Trail offers miles of scenic pathways for hiking and biking enthusiasts. This region encapsulates the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest, offering a sensational backdrop for making lifelong memories with your little ones.

LocationActivity TypeRecommended Age GroupHighlight Feature
Manito ParkGarden exploration, play areasAll agesDiverse range of themed gardens
Downtown SpokaneShopping, dining, historic toursAll agesBlend of urban attractions and historic sites
Spokane Falls & Centennial TrailNature observation, hiking, biking6+Stunning natural vistas and outdoor activities

Embarking on a journey through Spokane with your kids will lead to educational moments shrouded in fun, and picturesque days spent amidst nature’s artwork. Whether it’s the quiet corners of Manito Park or the vibrant streets of downtown, Spokane is a patchwork quilt of experiences that cater to the joy and development of children.


As our exploration of Spokane draws to a close, it’s evident that the city abounds with vibrant opportunities for **family fun in Spokane**. The variety of **kid-friendly Spokane attractions** caters to the playfulness and curiosity of children, while offering adults a chance to partake in the joy of discovery alongside their little ones. An escape to Spokane is not merely a break from the mundane; it is an invitation to create evergreen moments that both parents and children will reminisce about for years to come.

Embracing the lush landscapes of Manito Park, indulging in the lively ambiance of Riverfront Park, or fostering young minds at Mobius Discovery Center, the activities in Spokane ensure there’s something special for every family. These are less mere **things to do in Spokane with kids**; they represent chapters of an ongoing family adventure that continues to nurture bonds and forge irreplaceable memories.

Creating Lasting Memories with Spokane’s Family-Friendly Offerings

Indeed, Spokane emerges as a quintessential destination for families seeking a balance of education, adventure, and relaxation. Every corner of the city whispers stories, every activity illuminates smiles, and every encounter with its friendly locales warms hearts. In Spokane, each family leaves with more than pictures – they leave with a mosaic of experiences that together, paint a picture of joy, familial affection, and the simple wonders of sharing experiences in a city that celebrates the essence of togetherness.


What are some family-friendly activities to do in Spokane?

Spokane has a wealth of options for family fun including exploring Riverfront Park’s playgrounds and attractions, visiting Cat Tales Wildlife Center and The Blue Zoo, trying out zip-lining at Mica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park, and enjoying educational adventures at Mobius Discovery Center. Additionally, Manito Park and the historical Spokane Falls offer a chance to connect with nature and history.

What kid-friendly attractions can be found in Riverfront Park?

Riverfront Park in Spokane offers a Childhood Express Radio Flyer wagon, Providence Playscape, and Hooptown USA themed playgrounds. Kids can also enjoy the 1909 Looff Carrousel, glide on the Numerica Skate Ribbon, or take in the views on the Numerica SkyRide. Evening light shows at the Pavilion are a special treat for families.

Are there any educational encounters for children in Spokane?

Yes, educaional encounters in Spokane include the Mobius Discovery Center where kids can interact with various exhibits, engage in STEAM labs, and play in the Enchanted Forest play area. Numerous museums and historical landmarks throughout the city also offer educational experiences for children.

Can families participate in outdoor adventures and water sports in Spokane?

Absolutely! Families can enjoy zip-lining at Mica Moon Zip Tours & Aerial Park, kayaking and paddleboarding with Fun Unlimited, Inc. along Centennial Trail, and thrilling river rafting experiences with companies like Wiley E. Waters on the Spokane River.

What wildlife and aquatic experiences are available in Spokane for kids?

The Cat Tales Wildlife Center provides close encounters with rescued animals and focuses on conservation and education. The Blue Zoo is an interactive aquarium where children can touch and learn about marine life, including stingrays, reptiles, and even sharks.

What are some indoor activities for kids in Spokane?

Indoor activities in Spokane include the fun and educational exhibits at Mobius Discovery Center. The center offers hands-on STEAM activities and interactive play areas suitable for a wide range of ages. Spokane also has various other indoor playgrounds, museums, and family-friendly venues to explore.

What outdoor recreations are available for families in Spokane?

Spokane is renowned for its outdoor recreations, such as the Manito Park themed gardens, Downtown Spokane’s urban attractions, and outdoor adventures like hikes and bike rides on the Centennial Trail. The Spokane Falls offer a beautiful backdrop for enjoying the great outdoors.

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