Vermont Festivals

Celebrate Vermont Style: Festivals You Can’t Miss

Vermont is a top pick for anyone who loves festivals. It has everything from the beautiful Green Mountains to friendly small towns. The state’s events all year long show off its culture, nature, and communities. Ever wonder why Vermont’s festivals are so amazing? We’re going to share the secrets that make them stand out.

Have you ever wanted to experience the true spirit of Vermont? Its festivals let you do just that. You can enjoy top-notch music, delicious food, fascinating cultures, and fun winter sports. Which festival is a must-see? Keep reading to find out. We’ll introduce you to the best Vermont festivals that will make you want to visit again and again.

Key Takeaways

  • Vermont is renowned for its vibrant and diverse festival scene, offering a year-round calendar of events.
  • The festivals celebrate the state’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and lively communities.
  • From music and food to cultural experiences and winter adventures, Vermont’s festivals provide an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the unique spirit of the Green Mountain State.
  • This article will guide you through the must-attend Vermont festivals that showcase the best of the state’s offerings.
  • Discover the festivals that will leave you enchanted and eager to plan your next visit to Vermont.

Embrace Winter with Vibrant Vermont Festivals

Vermont welcomes winter with open arms, offering a rich list of festivals. These events highlight the beauty and excitement of the snowy season. An example is the Stifel Killington Cup during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. From November 24-26, 2023, top female skiers will compete. Among them is Mikaela Shiffrin, a five-time cup champ. Spectators will enjoy not only the competitions but also live acts. Mix Master Mike, Young the Giant, and Matisyahu will perform, adding a party vibe.

Highlight: New Year’s Eve Burlington

For 35 years, Burlington’s First Night was a top New Year’s Eve event. In 2018, it transformed into Highlight. This new festival is filled with diverse entertainment from local artists and community members. The latest Highlight edition includes a Big Gay New Year’s Eve, Circus Smirkus’s show, and a Taylor Swift Eras Tour dance party. These aim to bring everyone together and offer a unique experience.

Cabot Village 12th Night Celebration

After the holidays, Cabot, Vermont, holds its 12th Night festival. This event echoes the tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas. On January 5-6, visitors can enjoy live acts, crafts, a community meal, and hot, spiced drinks. The festival is all about local talents and community spirit, offering a memorable way to enjoy winter.

Vermont Festivals

Vermont Burlesque Festival

Vermont simply shines with its Vermont Burlesque Festival. This five-day event is all about celebrating sensuality and positivity in Burlington and Barre. It showcases the talents of 120 performers, such as dancers and comedians, with heart-pounding shows. For those eager to try it out, there are workshops like Burlesque 101 and Feather Fan Basics. It’s a chance for everyone to dive into the world of burlesque.

Stowe Winter Carnival

Ritzy Stowe, Vermont, stands out for its skiing, but it also hosts the Stowe Winter Carnival. Celebrating its 50th year in 2023, it’s packed with cold-weather fun. There’s the Ice Carving Competition and a snow volleyball tournament. Plus, stargazing is a hit thanks to the clear winter skies. This carnival has tons to do, whether you ski or not. It’s a winter celebration you won’t forget.

Unique Cultural Experiences

Winter Renaissance Faire

Vermont is known for its lively festival scene, offering unique cultural experiences to all. One standout is the captivating

Winter Renaissance Faire

, which happens annually in Essex Junction. It’s a family-friendly event that takes you back to the 16th century. You’ll see minstrels, singers, and acrobats perform, showcasing this historical period. There’s plenty of traditional food and mead to enjoy, alongside live demonstrations of how they fought back then. This festival’s immersive experience and whimsical feel make it a favorite for all.


Great Ice!

festival in the Champlain Islands is perfect for a Vermont winter adventure. Located in North Hero, this festival takes place on the frozen City Bay. You can enjoy sled dog rides and skates on a beautifully lit rink. There’s also a food and wine area with local specialties and a chance to drive a Zamboni. Great Ice! is more than just fun; it’s a celebration of Vermont’s wintry charm and traditions.


Vermont’s festival scene celebrates its culture, history, and beautiful sites. It includes top-notch ski contests, fun New Year’s Eve happenings, and interesting shows like burlesque. These events let you dive into the Green Mountain State’s unique vibe.

No matter what you love, Vermont’s festivals have it. They offer music, food, culture, and winter fun. By going to these events, you’ll make lasting memories and learn about the real Vermont.

Vermont’s festivals are about tradition, nature, and community. They take place from Killington’s mountains to Lake Champlain’s shores. These events welcome you to experience Vermont’s core in truly special ways.


What are some of the must-attend Vermont festivals?

Must-see Vermont festivals are the Stifel Killington Cup and the Highlight in Burlington. The Cabot Village 12th Night Celebration and the Vermont Burlesque Festival are also key. Don’t miss the Stowe Winter Carnival, Winter Renaissance Faire, and Great Ice! festival in the Champlain Islands.

What types of festivals can visitors expect in Vermont?

Vermont has a lot to offer, including music, food, and cultural festivals. There are also winter celebrations. These events show off the state’s beauty, heritage, and friendly communities.

When are some of the major winter festivals in Vermont?

In 2023, the Stifel Killington Cup is on November 24-26. The Cabot Village 12th Night Celebration is on January 5-6. Also, the 50th Stowe Winter Carnival takes place during the same year.

What unique cultural experiences can visitors find at Vermont festivals?

The Winter Renaissance Faire offers a step back in time to the 16th century. It features minstrels, singers, acrobats, and dancers. At the Great Ice! festival, you can enjoy sled dog rides and a Zamboni experience.

What types of entertainment and activities can be found at Vermont festivals?

Vermont’s festivals provide top entertainment and fun. Think ski contests, live music, burlesque, ice carving, and snow volleyball. Also, they offer chances to immerse in history.

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