Vermont Cheese Trail

A Cheesy Adventure: Sampling the Delights of the Vermont Cheese Trail

Imagine a green landscape filled with farms. These farms are home to passionate cheesemakers. They create delicious cheeses that will make your taste buds dance. This is the Vermont Cheese Trail, a journey into the diverse and tasty world of Vermont’s cheese.

What lies in the beautiful hills and valleys of Vermont? It’s where the best dairy producers make cheese. Join our adventure along the Vermont Cheese Trail to find out. You’ll discover amazing flavors and experiences which will make you want to try more.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the diverse array of cheesemakers and creameries along the Vermont Cheese Trail
  • Explore the picturesque landscapes and local farms that contribute to Vermont’s exceptional cheese culture
  • Savor the artisanal flavors and unique creations that have earned Vermont’s cheese producers national acclaim
  • Immerse yourself in the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every wheel of cheese
  • Pair Vermont’s dairy delights with the state’s thriving craft beverage and culinary scene

Exploring the Vermont Cheese Trail

The Vermont Cheese Trail is a journey through a lively cheese-making scene. It lets visitors find many award-winning creameries and makers of artisanal cheese. It all begins with the famous Cabot Visitor’s Center in Cabot, Vermont. This is where the state shows its dedication to producing top-notch dairy.

Cabot Visitor’s Center: A Must-Visit Destination

The Cabot Visitor’s Center is closed to the public now. But, it’s still a key stop on the Vermont Cheese Trail. Here, you can see and buy a huge range of Cabot products and other Vermont special foods. You can also taste the creamery’s amazing cheeses and try some Vermont microbrews, hard ciders, and wines from near and far.

Jasper Hill Farm: Award-Winning Cheesemakers

Jasper Hill Farm stands out on the Vermont Cheese Trail for its award-winning cheeses. They’ve won top prizes at the New York International Cheese Competition. This farm gives visitors a chance to see how they work and taste their famous cheeses.

Consider Bardwell: Artisanal Cheese Pioneers

Consider Bardwell is a leader among cheesemakers on the Vermont Cheese Trail. It’s been on the cutting edge of the state’s artisanal cheese scene. They create special, top-quality cheese that has earned lots of praise. Visitors can take a tour of Consider Bardwell Farm. There, they can see the cheese-making process and the farm’s dedication to making great dairy products.

Vermont Creamery: Iconic Dairy Delights

Vermont Creamery is a big name on the Vermont Cheese Trail for its various cheese and dairy products. It’s a place you must visit if you love cheese. Here, you can try all kinds of cheese and dairy treats. You’ll also get to know the long and proud history and the craft traditions of this Vermont treasure.

The Vermont Cheese Trail: A Culinary Journey

Vermont Cheese Trail

The Vermont Cheese Trail is like a map and guide for cheese lovers. It helps people explore many cheesemakers, creameries, and farms in the state. The website shows info on 53 places, letting you know if you can visit or need an appointment. This makes it easy for cheese enthusiasts to plan and enjoy their trail experience.

Farm Visits and Tastings

One exciting part of the trail is visiting the farms and creameries. Here, you can see how famous Vermont cheeses are made. You get to meet the cheesemakers and taste different cheeses. These visits offer a special look at the care and skill behind Vermont’s dairy delights.

Pairing with Local Beverages and Cuisine

The Vermont Cheese Trail also hints at delicious pairings. It suggests joining artisanal cheeses with the best of Vermont’s local drinks and dishes. This includes craft beer, cider, wine, and the state’s rich food scene. Exploring these pairings helps cheese enthusiasts understand and enjoy Vermont’s unique food culture.


The Vermont Cheese Trail is perfect for those who love cheese. It takes you on a tasty journey through Vermont’s beautiful land. You can visit places like Jasper Hill Farm, Consider Bardwell, and the famous Vermont Creamery. These spots highlight Vermont’s amazing cheese traditions and their focus on making high-quality products.

Exploring the trail is easy with the map and guide provided. It leads you to farms, tasting rooms, and great food pairings, showing off Vermont’s love for cheese. You can take a short trip or really dive into the cheese world. Either way, it’s a fun adventure for anyone who loves good cheese.

So, the Vermont Cheese Trail is a top pick for cheese fans. It lets them see Vermont’s dairy magic up close, meeting the dedicated people who make the cheese. The trail also pairs well with local drinks and food. This makes the journey more than just about cheese – it’s a full experience of Vermont’s lively cheese scene.


What is the Vermont Cheese Trail?

The Vermont Cheese Trail offers a tasty adventure through different cheese makers and creameries in the state. You get to enjoy amazing cheeses made by local experts. These are set against the beautiful background of Vermont’s countryside.

What can visitors expect at the Cabot Visitor’s Center?

The Cabot Visitor’s Center is a top spot on the Vermont Cheese Trail. It’s in Cabot, Vermont. Although it’s not open for visits, it’s still cool to check out what they have in their store. You can find Cabot’s great cheeses and other Vermont treats. Plus, you can taste a variety of local beers, ciders, wines, and more.

What is special about Jasper Hill Farm and Consider Bardwell?

Jasper Hill Farm shines on the Vermont Cheese Trail with its top-notch cheeses. These have won big at the New York International Cheese Competition. Consider Bardwell is also a leading cheese maker. It’s known for its quality and special cheese types that people love.

What can visitors expect from Vermont Creamery?

Vermont Creamery is a big name on the Vermont Cheese Trail. It’s famous for its many cheese and dairy products. A visit means you get to try their delicious, creamy treats. You can also get to know their history and traditions.

How can visitors navigate the Vermont Cheese Trail?

The Vermont Cheese Trail has a detailed map and guide for easy traveling. The website offers info on 53 places to visit. It tells you if they’re open to the public or for private tours. This makes planning your trail journey simple and fun.

What are the highlights of the Vermont Cheese Trail experience?

The best part of the Vermont Cheese Trail is seeing the farms and creameries up close. You can take tours, meet the makers, and taste amazing cheeses. It gives a real feel for the hard work and care put into each cheese.Pairing these cheeses with local drinks and food completes the experience. It offers a full taste of Vermont’s rich culinary world.

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