Long Island Beaches

Coastal Retreat: Discovering the Best Beaches of Long Island

Ready to explore some amazing coastal spots? Long Island is perfect for anyone who loves beaches. It offers everything from calm summer places to beaches that are great for surfing. With over 100 public beaches, it might be tough to pick where to start. So, let’s check out the best of Long Island’s beaches together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long Island is home to some of the nation’s finest beaches.
  • Coopers Beach in Southampton and Main Beach in East Hampton are consistently ranked among the top beaches in the country.
  • There are over 100 public beaches to choose from, catering to various preferences.
  • Long Island offers a diverse range of beach experiences, from rocky North Shore beaches to sun-soaked South Shore shores.
  • Whether you’re a surfer, sunbather, or nature enthusiast, there’s a beach on Long Island for you.

Exploring the South Shore’s Beach Gems

The South Shore of Long Island is a dream for beach fans. It offers many beautiful beaches. They are perfect for anyone looking for fun or relaxation. Let’s look at some amazing beach spots:

Long Beach

Long Beach has everything you’d want in a beach vacation. It’s got lovely views, a famous boardwalk, and lots to do. This island is off the South Shore and very vibrant. You can enjoy the high waves, beach sports, or just sit in the sun. Long Beach is a top choice.

Jones Beach State Park

Jones Beach State Park is a favorite among Long Island beaches. People love its long boardwalk and many activities. It’s great for families with a big swimming pool, fishing spots, and places to have a picnic. The park also holds cool outdoor concerts, perfect for music lovers.

Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park has five miles of beautiful beaches. Besides the sandy shore, it has sports fields, fishing spots, and a golf course. It’s a great place for a stroll on the beach or to play outdoor games. The park is perfect for those who love to be active outside.

Lido Beach

Lido Beach is a hidden oasis without the usual crowds. It’s between Long Beach and Point Lookout. People love it for its quiet nature preserve. There, you can see many birds. Families can also have fun in the calm water. It’s a great place for a laid-back beach day.

Gilgo Beach

Gilgo Beach is a stunning place for surfing and fishing. It has great views and clean sandy shores. Don’t miss the historic Gilgo Beach Inn, serving visitors for over 80 years. It’s a place full of tradition and good food.

The South Shore of Long Island covers all your beach needs. From Long Beach’s energy to the quiet of Lido Beach. Whether you’re looking for excitement or peace, it’s got something for everyone. There’s Long Beach, Jones Beach State Park, Robert Moses State Park, Lido Beach, and Gilgo Beach. Each one is a treasure waiting for you to visit.

Long BeachLong BeachPicturesque waterfront, iconic boardwalk, range of activities
Jones Beach State ParkWantaghTwo-mile boardwalk, swimming pool, fishing pier, outdoor concerts
Robert Moses State ParkBabylonFive miles of white sandy beaches, ballfields, fishing areas, 18-hole golf course
Lido BeachLido BeachPeaceful nature preserve, birdwatching, family-friendly experiences
Gilgo BeachBabylonBreathtaking views, surf fishing, historic bar and grill

Discovering the North Shore’s Natural Beauty

Long Island Beaches

The North Shore of Long Island is perfect for those who love nature. It has unique rocky beaches and beautiful scenes. Two top places to go are Wildwood State Park and Sunken Meadow State Park.

Wildwood State Park

Wildwood State Park is great for nature lovers. It covers over 600 acres and has a forest next to the Long Island Sound. People can camp, hike, or just enjoy the beach here.

Wildwood State Park is a peaceful spot on the North Shore’s rocky coast. It welcomes you with trees and water views, offering a break from daily rush.

Sunken Meadow State Park

Sunken Meadow State Park is also a stunning place on the North Shore. It has three miles of beautiful beach and amazing bluffs formed by glaciers. You can do a lot here, from hiking to horseback riding.

This park is a great place to relax and enjoy outdoor activities. It’s truly a highlight of the North Shore.

Wildwood State ParkWading RiverHardwood forest, Long Island Sound beach, camping
Sunken Meadow State ParkKings ParkBeach, bluffs, hiking trails, horseback riding, picnicking

If you’re looking for peace in a forest or fun by the sea, consider these parks. Wildwood State Park and Sunken Meadow State Park are great places to enjoy Long Island’s natural beauty.

Exploring the East End’s Coastal Treasures

The East End of Long Island, including the Hamptons and Montauk, is perfect for those who love the beach and nature. Hither Hills State Park is a big draw here. It has sandy beaches by the ocean and great fishing spots. You can camp there or just visit for the day. The park has lots of things to do and enjoy.

Main Beach in East Hampton is known as the top spot for beaches in the East End. It always gets high marks nationally. The beach is perfect for all ages, with a beautiful shoreline. Plus, there are lifeguards so you can feel safe while you enjoy the sun.

Cooper’s Beach in Southampton is stunning too. It’s famous for its fancy beach homes and mansions. This beach gives you both natural beauty and a touch of luxury. Walking or chilling by the water, you’ll love your time at Cooper’s Beach.

Orient Beach State Park is a unique find. It has forests next to wetlands and a lovely beach. The park is great for nature lovers. You can see amazing views and feel the water at your feet. It’s a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors.


Are there public beaches in Long Island?

Yes, Long Island has over 100 public beaches for visitors. Each offers a unique beach experience. This means there is a beach for every taste.

Which beaches on Long Island consistently rank in the “Top Ten Beaches” list?

Coopers Beach in Southampton and Main Beach in East Hampton make Dr. Beach’s “Top Ten Beaches” list. They achieve this honor each year.

What are some popular beaches on Long Island’s South Shore?

Long Beach, Jones Beach State Park, and Robert Moses State Park are very popular. Lido Beach and Gilgo Beach also attract many visitors. They are all on Long Island’s South Shore.

What are some popular beaches on Long Island’s North Shore?

Wildwood State Park and Sunken Meadow State Park are known for their beauty. These are two popular beaches on Long Island’s North Shore.

What are some popular beaches on Long Island’s East End?

Hither Hills State Park and Orient Beach State Park are breath-taking spots. Main Beach in East Hampton and Cooper’s Beach in Southampton are well-loved too. They are all popular beaches on Long Island’s East End.

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