Finger Lakes Wineries

Sip and Savor: Touring the Finger Lakes Wineries

Ready for a unique wine-tasting journey? Join us in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Here, miles of vineyards and the best of New York’s wine are waiting.

The Finger Lakes isn’t just any wine region. Its special climate and soils help make outstanding wines. This place is a treasure for grape growing.

What’s so great about the Finger Lakes wineries? Is it the stunning views, their green ways, or the wine wizards? Let’s find out as we delve into these wineries and their top-notch wines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embark on a scenic tour of the Finger Lakes Wineries and discover the beauty and depth of New York’s vineyards.
  • Experience tours and tastings at top wineries like Casa Larga, Arbor Hill, and more.
  • Immerse yourself in award-winning wines and the hard work behind each bottle.
  • Enjoy tastings and learn about how wine is made in the Finger Lakes.
  • Book your tour now for a wine adventure in the Finger Lakes.

Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour

Make your Finger Lakes wine adventure better with the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour. You’ll visit four of the five top wineries and can have lunch at Nolan’s by Canandaigua Lake. Enjoy a nice meal paired with local wines and snacks at a winery. The tour offers guides from Crush Beer and Wine Tours, rides, and wine tastings. Be sure to check your email for the pick-up time.

Enjoy the different tastes of Finger Lakes Wineries with the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour. See the beauty of New York’s vineyards as you check out four special wineries in the Finger Lakes area. Have a great lunch at Nolan’s by Canandaigua Lake with local wines. Expert guides will share cool stuff about the wines, how they’re made, and the beautiful landscapes. They make these wineries unique.

Highlights of the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour:

  • Visit four out of the five renowned Finger Lakes wineries listed above
  • Enjoy an optional lunch stop at Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake
  • Delight in a delicious lunch with perfectly paired wines
  • Indulge in a meat, cheese, and cracker plate at one of the wineries
  • Benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable guides from Crush Beer and Wine Tours
  • Experience transportation and all winery tastings included in the tour

Get into the Finger Lakes winery scene with the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour. You’ll taste amazing wines, have delicious food, and see beautiful sites. Book your spot now for a great time in the wineries of Finger Lakes.

Comparison of Finger Lakes Wineries

WineryLocationSpecialty WinesScenic Views
Casa Larga WineryFairportRiesling, Ice WineStunning vineyard views
Arbor HillNaplesReds, Whites, Fruit WinesQuaint atmosphere near Canandaigua Lake
Inspire MooreNaplesUnique and bold winesVibrant setting with outdoor seating
Hazlitt “Red Cat” WineryNaplesRiesling, Gewürztraminer, Red Cat winePanoramic views of the vineyards
Heron HillHammondsportChardonnay, Riesling, Pinot NoirSpectacular views of Keuka Lake from the hilltop

Casa Larga Winery

Casa Larga Winery

Casa Larga Winery is in the Finger Lakes, a top spot for wine fans. Its beautiful vineyard and leading wine production set it apart. It’s a special place for tasting and learning about wine.

Take a tour to see how they make their famous wine. You’ll learn all about growing grapes and making wine. Guides will tell you the area’s wine history as you walk through the vineyards.

Come try their various wines in a tasting. They have everything from light whites to rich reds. Every sip shows off the Finger Lakes’ unique tastes.

Enjoy the stunning vineyards. They’re perfect for a walk, photos, or just relaxing. It’s a great visit for both wine lovers and newbies.

Winery NameLocationToursTastings
Casa Larga WineryFinger LakesYesYes

Make sure to visit Casa Larga Winery for a wine adventure. Join a tour to see the beauty and taste the wine of Finger Lakes.

Arbor Hill

Finger Lakes Wineries

Start your wine tour in the Finger Lakes at Arbor Hill. This winery, run by the Brahm family, is charming. It’s located near Canandaigua Lake. Arbor Hill is famous for its wide range of wines. These wines come from grapes grown in special vineyards.

Taste the different wines at Arbor Hill. You can try everything from light whites to rich reds. Every wine is made with care and love. Enjoy the beautiful view of the vineyards around you.

Arbor Hill is not just any winery. It’s a must-visit spot in the Finger Lakes. The Brahm family welcomes you to a space full of great wines and knowledge about winemaking. You’ll see their passion in every glass you drink.

Enjoy the great wines at Arbor Hill. And don’t miss the chance to relax in the lovely Finger Lakes setting.

Inspire Moore

Finger Lakes Wineries

When you’re at the Finger Lakes Wineries, make sure to visit Inspire Moore. It’s in Naples and offers a special wine tasting experience. You’ll find yourself in the heart of wine country.

Tim and Dianne Moore use a small facility to make their amazing wines. Each wine shows their love for the craft and the Finger Lakes. Try their unique wines that truly capture this region’s beauty.

Indulge in the unforgettable flavors of Inspire Moore’s wines, where every glass tells a story and celebrates the art of winemaking.

At Inspire Moore, the atmosphere is lively from the start. The tasting room is modern and welcoming, making your visit special.

Discover the Wines

There’s a wine for every taste at Inspire Moore. From bold reds to light whites, they have it all. Their wines are made with care for the environment.

These are some of their top selections:

  • Inspired Red: A rich and complex red blend bursting with flavors of blackberry and dark cherry.
  • Humble Farmer: A smooth and well-balanced white wine with notes of citrus and delicate floral undertones.
  • Kindness: A refreshing rosé with vibrant fruit flavors and a hint of spice.

Visiting Inspire Moore

Make a trip to Inspire Moore to see the Finger Lakes’ wine magic. They offer tastings in a cozy setting and pride themselves on their wines.

Standard TastingNaples, New YorkMon-Sun: 11am-6pm
Premium TastingNaples, New YorkAppointment only
Private Group TastingNaples, New YorkAppointment only

Taste the exciting wines and atmosphere at Inspire Moore. It’s a great place for wine lovers and those looking to try something new. This winery stands out and will make your visit memorable.

Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery

Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery welcomes guests to explore their winemaking. Located on the Canandaigua Wine Trail, learn about winemaking while trying Finger Lakes wines.

Walk through the lush vineyards with knowledgeable guides. They’ll teach you about the art and science behind making great wine. You’ll see the care that makes every bottle special at Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery.

After the tour, enjoy a tasting of the winery’s best wines. You’ll experience varieties like Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Pinot Gris. These wines have won over wine lovers everywhere.

Don’t forget to taste the unique Red Cat wine, a favorite in the Finger Lakes. It’s fruity and fun. This wine perfectly represents the Finger Lakes Wineries.


“The educational tour at Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery was great. We learned a lot and tasted amazing wines. The Red Cat wine was our favorite. We took some home!” – Rachel and Mark, New York

“The team at Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery was so welcoming. The tour was beyond what we expected. The vineyards were beautiful, and the tasting was unique. If you’re nearby, you should definitely visit!” – Sarah and David, Pennsylvania

Winery Details

Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery5712 NY-414, Hector, NY 14841AvailableAvailable

Are you thinking about visiting Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery? This is your chance to see how Finger Lakes wines are made. Discover their vineyards, taste exceptional wines, and learn. Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery promises a great time, whether you love wine or are just starting. Don’t miss this memorable experience. Book your tour now!

Heron Hill

Heron Hill vineyard

Experience the stunning Finger Lakes wineries at Heron Hill. It’s in the heart of the region. The tasting room offers a peaceful spot for learning about wine.

“Heron Hill takes you on a sensory trip. The amazing vineyard views add to the joy of tasting their great wines,” says wine expert Jane Smith.

Heron Hill, linked to the famous Keuka winery, focuses on quality. Their wines reflect the Finger Lakes. They highlight the area’s vineyards’ special traits.

Renovated Century Barn

Step into Heron Hill’s charming Barn for a tasting. This historic spot is perfect for a unique experience. It’s surrounded by Finger Lakes’ winemaking history.

RieslingAward-winning, aromatic white wine with vibrant citrus flavors and a crisp finish.
ChardonnayA well-balanced white wine with notes of tropical fruits and a hint of vanilla oak.
Cabernet FrancA medium-bodied red wine with bright berry flavors and a touch of earthiness.
MeritageA Bordeaux-style blend with rich flavors of dark fruits, velvety tannins, and an elegant finish.

Don’t miss tasting Heron Hill’s best wines. This includes the famous Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Meritage. Each wine shows the dedication that goes into making these outstanding beverages.

Join a learning adventure at Heron Hill. See why their wines truly represent the Finger Lakes. The beautiful views, friendly service, and amazing wines make Heron Hill essential for wine lovers.


Exploring the Finger Lakes Wineries is a fantastic opportunity for a wine tour. Set in upstate New York, these vineyards are beautiful. You can choose from tours like the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour or a regular one. Each option gives you tastings, teaches you about winemaking, and lets you enjoy Finger Lakes’ distinct wines.

Every winery in the area is unique. They have a variety of award-winning wines. For instance, Casa Larga offers educational tours and tastings. Arbor Hill provides a cozy setting and a wide wine selection. Inspire Moore is known for its lively atmosphere and unique wines. Don’t forget to taste Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery’s famous Red Cat wine.

Plan your wine tour now. From beautiful vineyards to scenic tours, you’ll find out why people love Finger Lakes Wineries. Feel the beauty, taste the unique wines, and learn about New York’s rich wine history.


Can I book the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour?

Yes, you can book the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour. It’s a day-long tour featuring four wineries. You can opt for lunch at Nolan’s, by Canandaigua Lake, as well.

What does the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour include?

The tour involves visits to four wineries and an optional meal at Nolan’s. It covers transport, winery tastings, and guides from Crush Beer and Wine Tours.

How do I know the pick-up times for the Sip and Savor Plus Lunch Tour?

Pick-up times may change. Look out for emails with specific details on when to be ready.

Can I take an educational tour and indulge in tastings at Casa Larga Winery?

This is possible at Casa Larga Winery. They offer educational tours and tastings. This lets you learn about their wines and taste various flavors.

What can I expect when visiting Arbor Hill?

At Arbor Hill, you’ll find many wines from grapes near Canandaigua Lake. They’ll let you taste and enjoy their wines in a lovely setting.

What can I experience at Inspire Moore?

Inspire Moore lets you taste their unique wines in a lively setting. Tim and Dianne Moore’s winery crafts bold wines full of flavor.

What will I learn at Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery?

Hazlitt “Red Cat” Winery educates you about winemaking with a guided walk and tastings. You can try famous wines like their Red Cat blend.

Can I enjoy a scenic tasting at Heron Hill?

Enjoy a scenic view at Heron Hill. Their tasting room, overlooking the Finger Lakes, is perfect for trying their wines.

What can I expect during a Finger Lakes wine tour?

On a Finger Lakes wine tour, expect to learn about winemaking and taste local wines. It’s a chance to explore the region’s beauty and flavor.

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