New Hampshire Ski Resorts

Hit the Slopes: A Guide to New Hampshire’s Premier Ski Resorts

Are you a skiing or snowboarding fan? Ready to dive into adventure? Then, New Hampshire is your ideal spot. This state boasts top-notch ski resorts in the Northeast. It’s where the stunning White Mountains meet heart-pounding slopes. But what makes New Hampshire so special for winter sports?

Today, we’ll dive into New Hampshire’s top ski resorts. We’ll reveal the magic of this winter paradise. No matter if you’re a pro or first-timer, there’s a perfect resort for you. All your snowy dreams will be fulfilled at New Hampshire’s serene locations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore New Hampshire’s top ski resorts in the majestic White Mountains.
  • Discover diverse trails suitable for skiers of all skill levels.
  • Experience luxury amenities and family-friendly accommodations.
  • Challenge yourself with thrilling adventures and breathtaking views.
  • Create unforgettable memories in New Hampshire’s premier ski resorts.

Bretton Woods – Luxury and Adventure Combined

Bretton Woods awaits in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s a standout place for luxury skiing, perfect for both new and experienced skiers. This spot is the largest skiing area in New Hampshire. With 464 acres, 62 trails, and a 1,500-foot vertical drop, it’s a dream for skiing and snowboarding fans.

What makes Bretton Woods special is its focus on both great skiing and luxury. It’s part of the famous Omni Mount Washington Hotel. This means you can enjoy top-notch food, comfy stays, and a spa to relax in. So, after your ski adventure, you can eat well, get cozy, or enjoy a spa treat.

Bretton Woods has breathtaking views of the Northeast’s highest peak, Mt. Washington. It makes the perfect backdrop for your skiing experience. Whether you’re just starting or seeking tough challenges, there are trails for all levels.

Families will love Bretton Woods. It offers the perfect setup for kids to learn and have fun safely. With lessons and plenty of activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, and more, it’s a great place for family time.

If you seek a mix of luxury and adventure in skiing, Bretton Woods is your spot. It’s perfect for those into thrilling slopes, fine dining, and beautiful stays. Come and see the wonders of Bretton Woods in the White Mountains, and make lasting memories.

Loon Mountain – A Family-Friendly Destination

Loon Mountain Ski Resort

Loon Mountain stands out in New England as a top ski and ride spot. It’s right in the White Mountains, in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The area is perfect for families and anyone who loves the snow. Loon Mountain offers beautiful views and great places to ski, making it a dream for winter sport fans.

Loon Mountain is ideal for family fun. It’s known for being welcoming to parents and kids eager to start skiing or snowboarding. There are many easy slopes for beginners. This helps kids and newbies practice and get better.

People who love excitement should visit Loon Mountain. It has amazing terrain parks. These parks have features like jumps and rails. Skilled riders can even try the state’s only Superpipe. It’s a place for impressive tricks and moves.

After skiing, you can relax at the Mountain Club. It’s right by the slopes, making it very convenient. The Mountain Club is cozy and has many services. There are restaurants, a spa, and a gym. This makes it a great place for families to stay.

Why Choose Loon Mountain?

What makes Loon Mountain special is how it focuses on families and all ski lovers. Here’s why it’s a great choice for your next trip:

“Loon Mountain offers a delightful blend of beginner-friendly terrain, thrilling terrain parks, and top-notch lodging. The resort’s dedication to providing a memorable experience for families and riders of all levels truly sets it apart from others.” – Ski Enthusiast Magazine

  • Family-friendly atmosphere with dedicated beginner slopes
  • World-class terrain parks and the state’s only Superpipe
  • Convenient ski-in ski-out lodging at the Mountain Club
  • Award-winning dining options and amenities
  • Breathtaking views of the White Mountains

From newbies to experts, everyone can have a great time at Loon Mountain. It’s the perfect place for an amazing ski trip. Come to Loon Mountain and enjoy the excitement of skiing the White Mountains.

Cannon Mountain – A Living Legend

Cannon Mountain earned the name “Living Legend” among New Hampshire Ski Resorts. It stands as the highest point in the state. The mountain’s varied terrain welcomes skiers of every level. For those embarking on their first ski trip, or families searching for fun, Cannon Mountain has something special for you.

For families and newbies, Cannon Mountain offers safe, fun runs. These runs are perfect for improving skills and enjoying the sport. The trails are meticulously groomed, leading to confidence-boosting and enjoyable skiing experiences.

If you’re up for a challenge, Cannon Mountain has you covered. With thrilling glades and steep descents, seasoned skiers will test their limits. And the view of the White Mountains could not be any more inviting.

Cannon Mountain is ideal for adrenaline lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its mix of varied terrains, a welcoming vibe, and exciting runs make it a top pick for all ages. This legendary mountain is waiting for you to explore it!


What are some of the best ski resorts in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire boasts top ski spots like Bretton Woods, Loon Mountain, and Cannon Mountain.

What makes Bretton Woods unique?

It’s New Hampshire’s biggest ski area and promises luxury. With 464 acres, 62 trails, and a 1,500-foot drop, thrill-seekers love it. You can also find high-end dining, comfortable stays, and relaxing spa services at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel.

What can I expect at Loon Mountain?

Loon Mountain shines as New England’s easy-to-reach, big-ski mountain. Enjoy diverse terrain, top-tier terrain parks, and a Superpipe. Plus, stay close by in ski-in, ski-out rooms at the Mountain Club.

Why is Cannon Mountain called “the Living Legend”?

Cannon Mountain stands out with its vast terrain, and New Hampshire’s highest summit. It’s praised for friendly runs and challenging trails. Plus, gorgeous views of the White Mountains and Franconia Notch are common.

Are these resorts suitable for all skill levels?

Absolutely, each spot meets the needs of all skiers and boarders. From beginners to experts, there’s fun waiting for everyone.

Can I find lodging accommodations at these resorts?

Yes, all three have great places to stay. The Omni Mount Washington Hotel shines at Bretton Woods. Loon Mountain offers easy ski access at the Mountain Club. Cannon Mountain features White Mountains area stays.

What other amenities can I find at these resorts?

Besides great skiing and snowboarding, these places offer a lot. World-class eating, spa relaxation, ski lessons, and plenty of snow-lover adventures like snowshoeing are available.

Are there activities for non-skiers?

Indeed, there are plenty of fun options without skiing. Areas to explore, snowshoeing, tubing, and just soaking in the scenery are perfect for non-skiers.

What is the best time to visit these ski resorts?

Late November to early April is the typical ski season in New Hampshire. For the most snow, aim for January or February.

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