New Hampshire Fall Foliage

Autumn Splendor: Best Places to Witness New Hampshire’s Fall Foliage

When autumn comes to New Hampshire, the state becomes a gorgeous painting. Bright reds, golds, and oranges cover the land. This season is known for its beautiful display, attracting people from all over to see it. But, where should you go to see this amazing autumn scenery?

Do you wonder about the best spots to see fall colors in New Hampshire? Are there secret places that offer an extra special view? And do you know the best ways to see this wonder up close?

Come with us on a journey to discover New Hampshire’s best fall sights. We’ll guide you through scenic drives and amazing adventures. You’ll find the top places that will truly amaze you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best scenic drives to witness New Hampshire’s fall foliage
  • Explore outdoor adventures that provide unique perspectives of the autumn colors
  • Uncover hidden points of interest that showcase the beauty of the foliage
  • Learn about events and attractions that enhance the fall foliage experience
  • Plan your next adventure to witness the breathtaking fall foliage in New Hampshire

Scenic Drives

One great way to see New Hampshire’s fall colors up close is with a scenic drive. You’ll pass through winding roads and see amazing landscapes. It’s a chance to enjoy the vibrant colors of autumn.

“A scenic drive lets you truly see the beauty of New Hampshire’s fall foliage.”

The Kancamagus Highway

The Kancamagus Highway is perfect for those who love fall’s colors. This 34.5-mile route, called “The Kanc,” goes through the White Mountain National Forest. You’ll see trees in stunning reds, golds, and oranges.

The Connecticut River Scenic Byway

Take the Connecticut River Scenic Byway for beautiful fall scenery. This drive follows the Connecticut River, showing off amazing foliage. It goes through lovely towns and landscapes.

Don’t miss other great fall drives, like Route 26 from Errol to Colebrook. It brings out the region’s natural beauty with colorful leaves along the roads.

The NH-112, or the Kancamagus Highway, is a peaceful route. It goes through the White Mountain National Forest. You’ll see stunning fall colors and mountain views. Don’t forget to stop at the scenic viewpoints and trails.

Enjoying a scenic drive means connecting with nature and its beautiful colors. Take your time to enjoy the fall foliage and make great memories among New Hampshire’s picturesque scenes.

“Find the wonder of fall foliage on New Hampshire’s scenic drives.”

Outdoor Adventures

leaf peeping

Aside from driving through beautiful scenes, New Hampshire offers various outdoor activities. You can enjoy the fall colors by hiking, kayaking, or biking. There’s something for every outdoor lover here.


New Hampshire has more than 4,000 miles of hiking trails ready for you. Pull on those hiking boots and start your journey. You’ll see colorful forests and amazing views. Try reaching the top of one of the 48 4,000-foot mountains for the best fall foliage views.


See the fall colors from the water by kayaking. New Hampshire’s lakes and rivers offer a peaceful kayak route. It’s a great way to be close to nature and enjoy the vibrant autumn views.

Mountain Biking

Looking for excitement? Mountain biking in New Hampshire is perfect for you. There are trails for all skill levels. Ride through forests bursting with fall colors for an adrenaline-filled journey.

Horseback Riding

Immerse yourself in the fall beauty on horseback in New Hampshire. Ride through stunning forests filled with red, gold, and orange. It’s a great way to create memories.

Enjoy New Hampshire’s fall magic through these activities. Whether you hike, kayak, bike, or go horseback riding, you’ll love the breathtaking views. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the fall colors.

Points of Interest

New Hampshire has much more than scenic drives and outdoor fun in the fall. For a close look at the stunning colors, visit Franconia Notch State Park. It’s famous for its amazing natural views. You’ll love walking through the Flume Gorge, seeing a work of nature, and the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway for wide views.

Jackson Village, in the White Mountains, offers a cozy experience. It’s known for its amazing scenes in the fall. It also has the Return of the Pumpkin People event, with pumpkin displays. Roam the area and soak in the autumn beauty.

Looking for breathtaking views of Mount Washington Valley? Go to Cathedral Ledge in Bartlett. You can get there by car or walking. This spot gives you a full view of the colorful fall leaves. It’s ideal for great photos or to simply enjoy nature.

For a special view of fall, take a ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad. This old-fashioned train journey is a relaxing way to see the autumn landscapes. Enjoy the colors while the train takes you on a beautiful scenic trip.


What is the best way to experience New Hampshire’s fall foliage?

A scenic drive is one of the best ways to see New Hampshire’s fall colors. The Kancamagus Highway and Connecticut River Scenic Byway are perfect for this. They show off the vibrant autumn hues with their winding paths. You can also take Route 26 from Errol to Colebrook or NH-112, the Kancamagus Highway, through White Mountain National Forest.

What outdoor adventures can I enjoy while witnessing the fall foliage in New Hampshire?

Hiking is a top pick, with thousands of miles of trails and many mountains to climb. You can also kayak on lakes and rivers to see the fall colors from the water. Those who enjoy mountain biking or horseback riding can view the foliage along beautiful trails.

Are there any specific points of interest in New Hampshire that showcase the fall foliage?

Franconia Notch State Park is full of gorgeous foliage views. The Flume Gorge and Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway are must-sees there. Jackson Village in the White Mountains is famous for its scenic fall displays and the Return of the Pumpkin People. Bartlett’s Cathedral Ledge offers stunning looks over Mount Washington Valley. You can get there by road or hiking. Finally, the Conway Scenic Railroad gives you a unique view of fall foliage from a historic train.

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