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Fun for All Ages: The Best Family Activities in Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you searching for family fun in Lincoln, Nebraska? You’re in the right place! The city shines with thrilling attractions, lovely parks, and many entertainment options. This is true whether you live nearby or are just visiting. There’s always something to keep the whole family happy. It’s time to set off on a journey full of fun, memories, and joy for all.

Lincoln offers incredible outdoor spaces and exciting attractions. Why is it the ultimate spot for family fun? While you might have some ideas, there’s more to know. Keep reading to find the secrets that will make your family trip unforgettable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lincoln, Nebraska offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions that can keep everyone entertained.
  • The city boasts beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that provide opportunities for outdoor activities and nature exploration.
  • From interactive museums to unique entertainment options, there is something for everyone in Lincoln.
  • Treat yourself to some delicious goodies and explore the delightful food options in the city.
  • Plan your visit and experience the joy of family-friendly activities in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Explore Lincoln’s Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Lincoln, Nebraska has many parks and open areas perfect for family fun. You can enjoy nature, learning, or just breathe in fresh air. Everyone can find something they love in Lincoln’s parks.

Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol is a key spot in Lincoln. It’s a political place and great for exploring outside. You can join tours to learn about the state and its building. Plus, there’s a deck that gives a view of the city. The gardens around the Capitol are also lovely for a walk.

Memorial Stadium

If sports are your thing, visit Memorial Stadium. It’s where the Huskers play and has special spots for visitors to watch games. You can also join a tour to learn all about Nebraska football’s history.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

Nature lovers will adore the Pioneers Park Nature Center. It’s a huge area with trails, places to watch birds, and programs for all ages. Explore the park’s beauty and see the many plants and animals there.

Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is a beautiful place to visit. It’s filled with colorful flowers, plants, and water features. You can walk around, smell the flowers, and enjoy the sights. This garden is perfect for anyone who loves plants or taking pictures.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is a hit with families. Kids can see many animals up close, play, and learn a lot. It’s a fun adventure for all.

Lincoln’s parks are great for families. You can find beautiful scenery, learn a lot, and get close to wildlife. Visiting these spots will surely leave you with great memories.

Discover Family-Friendly Attractions

Lincoln Children's Museum

Lincoln is full of great attractions for the whole family. You can visit interactive exhibits, learn about natural history, or spend time with animals. There’s something exciting for everyone.

Lincoln Children’s Museum:

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is perfect for families. It has lots of interactive areas where kids can play and learn. Whether they’re creating art or exploring a treehouse, your kids will have a wonderful time.

Morrill Hall:

Morrill Hall is a top place to learn about Nebraska’s natural history. It has the huge Mueller Planetarium for space shows. The Elephant Hall features a giant mammoth skeleton. It will amaze visitors young and old.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo:

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is great for families too. Kids can play and learn in the different animal areas. It’s both a fun and educational place for all.

Visit the Lincoln Children’s Museum, Morrill Hall, and the Lincoln Children’s Zoo for an awesome family adventure. These places are perfect for making lasting memories together.

Enjoy Entertainment and Treats in Lincoln

In Lincoln, families have many choices for fun and snacks. A top pick is Hurt’s Donut. They offer a vast range of flavors, from classic glazed to unique options like maple bacon. This local gem is sure to please all.

For chocolate fans, Baker’s Candies is a must. This family-run shop is known for its tasty chocolate meltaways. You can find them in flavors like dark chocolate, mint, and caramel. It’s a sweet paradise for anyone who loves chocolate.

After savoring delectable treats, head to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. The Butterfly House brings kids face-to-face with beautiful butterflies. Children can play with spider monkeys and even feed giraffes, making it a fun family day out.


Are there any family-friendly parks in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Yes, Lincoln has many parks perfect for families. You can have fun together in these open spaces.

What are some popular parks in Lincoln?

Pioneers Park Nature Center is a favorite. So are Sunken Gardens and Memorial Stadium.

What family-friendly attractions can I visit in Lincoln?

You can check out the Lincoln Children’s Museum. Or head to Morrill Hall, the top natural history museum in Nebraska.

What can I expect to see at the Lincoln Children’s Museum?

The museum has interactive areas for kids. They can get creative and have lots of fun.

What can I see at Morrill Hall?

At Morrill Hall, you’ll find the Mueller Planetarium and Elephant Hall. Here, see an amazing mammoth fossil exhibit.

Are there any entertainment options in Lincoln for families?

Yes, enjoy the Butterfly House at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. It’s perfect for family fun.

Can children interact with animals at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo?

Definitely! At the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, kids can play with and learn about animals up close.

Where can I find delicious treats in Lincoln?

Treat yourself at Hurt’s Donut and Baker’s Candies in Lincoln. They have amazing sweet treats.

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