Jackson Hole Activities

Thrills in Jackson Hole: Activities for Every Season

Nestled in the American West, Jackson Hole is a top spot for adventures all year. You’ll find the Tetons’ snowy peaks and crystal-clear rivers here. This town in Wyoming is perfect for everyone, no matter the season or your skill level. Wondering what makes Jackson Hole so special? Let’s look at why it’s a great place for thrill-seekers.

Key Takeaways

  • Jackson Hole is a four-season destination that offers thrilling activities for every traveler
  • Visitors can challenge themselves with activities like climbing the Grand Teton, mountain biking, and paragliding
  • The region celebrates its Western heritage through horseback riding, chuckwagon dinners, and the famous Jackson Hole Shootout
  • From skiing the Tetons in winter to whitewater rafting and wildlife tours in summer, Jackson Hole is an adventure-seeker’s paradise
  • No matter the season, this Wyoming town promises unforgettable memories and a chance to immerse in the natural beauty of the American West

Outdoor Adventures in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is top for climbing and mountaineering. The Grand Teton stands at 13,770 ft, luring experienced climbers. Exum Guides, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, they show the way up the Grand Teton and other top spots.

Local hits include Blacktail Butte and the Rodeo Wall. To help out, there’s the Via Ferrata at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It’s great for new climbers and pros alike.

Mountain Biking

Jackson Hole shines for mountain biking. Trails at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee are a must. Teton Pass’s jumps and technical parts are renowned too. For an easier ride, take Jackson Pathways to Teton Village and the park.

Snow King Mountain has cross-country paths through aspen trees. It’s perfect for a calm biking experience.

Western Experiences

Exploring Jackson Hole’s Western past is a must. Go on horseback trails or enjoy a chuckwagon dinner with cowboy shows. A stagecoach ride and the Jackson Hole Shootout are unforgettable.

For something special, try the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience. It’s educational and fun for the family. And each summer, the Jackson Hole Rodeo offers a true cowboy experience.

Jackson Hole Activities

aerial adventures

Hiking in Jackson Hole has something for everyone. You can choose from simple walks by the river to hard mountain trails. Near Jackson, you’ll find Goodwin Lake, Cache Creek, and Jackson Peak. Then, in Grand Teton National Park, hikes to Bradley Lake, Taggart Lake, and more await. Park rangers and guide services are ready to help you explore.

Water Sports

Jackson Hole is great for water fun. You can raft down exciting rivers. Or, you can relax on a scenic float trip. The Snake River is also perfect for drift boat fishing. For those looking to unwind, hot springs like Astoria and Granite are nearby for a soak.

Aerial Adventures

Want to see Jackson Hole from above? Visit resorts like Jackson Hole Mountain or Snow King. They have ropes courses, ziplines, and rides to mountain peaks. At Grand Targhee, you can see the Teton Range via chairlift. Then, the Snow King Gondola shows off the town and peaks in style.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an amazing place for adventures all year. It’s perfect for everyone – from those who love extreme sports to people who enjoy more relaxing activities. No matter if it’s summer or winter, you’ll create great memories here. Plus, you’ll experience the wild beauty of the American West.

This place is unique because it lets you get close to the beautiful Teton Range and see lots of wildlife. It’s also rich in the history of the American West. Jackson Hole has something for every traveler, offering unforgettable experiences in the stunning Wyoming wilderness.

Jackson Hole offers exciting activities, like climbing the Grand Teton or rafting the Snake River. These adventures create memories that will stay with you forever. This American West gem is perfect for those looking for new experiences or just to relax in nature.


What are the top outdoor activities in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is a top spot for thrilling adventures all year. You can ski, raft in whitewater, hike, see wildlife, and much more. Activities include climbing, biking in the mountains, riding horses, and flying in the sky.

What types of climbing and mountaineering opportunities are available in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole has lots for climbers and mountaineers. The Grand Teton is a famous peak. It stands at 13,770 feet. Outfitters like Exum Guides and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides provide lessons and trips. They help climbers reach the Grand Teton and other great spots.

What makes Jackson Hole a world-class mountain biking destination?

Jackson Hole is now known for great mountain biking. It has trails at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee. Plus, the Teton Pass trails are famous for jumps and tough parts. There are also paved Jackson Pathways trails and Snow King Mountain cross-country trails.

What are some of the Western heritage experiences available in Jackson Hole?

To feel the Old West in Jackson Hole, you can horseback ride. Or enjoy a dinner with cowboy fun. You might also try a stagecoach ride. Don’t miss the Jackson Hole Shootout or the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience.

What hiking options are available in the Jackson Hole area?

In Jackson Hole, hiking has lots of choices. There are easy river walks and hard mountain hikes. Near Jackson, you’ll find Goodwin Lake, Cache Creek, and Jackson Peak trails. The Grand Teton Park also has beautiful hikes like to Bradley Lake.

What water-based adventures can visitors enjoy in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is full of water fun. You can do rafting, paddleboarding, or take a calm river float. Fishing from drift boats on the Snake River is great. Don’t forget to visit hot springs like Astoria Hot Springs Park.

What aerial adventures can visitors experience in Jackson Hole?

For adventures in the air, Jackson Hole has ropes courses and ziplines. You can also take gondola or tram rides to the mountain peaks. Snow King Resort’s Gondola has amazing views of the town and its mountains.

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