Des Moines Art Scene

Discover Art in the Heartland: Navigating Des Moines’ Thriving Art Scene

Des Moines used to be famous for farming. Now, it’s a creative hub drawing artists and fans alike. They look for a strong creative community outside big cities like New York.

Des Moines offers a lower cost of living and job opportunities. It’s a great place for those who love art. But what’s behind this change and how can you enjoy Des Moines’s art scene? Let’s explore these questions together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Des Moines is building a new identity as a tech hub and an artistic center in the heartland.
  • The city offers a lower cost of living and an abundance of cultural amenities.
  • The Des Moines Social Club has become a hub for the arts, hosting events and drawing in thousands of visitors every month.
  • Local galleries in Des Moines showcase the work of talented artists, contributing to the city’s growing reputation as a cultural hub.
  • Des Moines is home to a diverse range of cultural festivals that celebrate art, music, food, and more.

Local Galleries and Artists in Des Moines

Des Moines is alive with art. Many galleries here show off our artists’ great work. These art spots help artists shine and make our city known for culture. Some of the top art galleries in Des Moines include:

  • Moberg Gallery: In the heart of downtown, this gallery shows today’s art in many forms. They pick artists who are just starting out or are in the middle of their careers. It’s a great spot for anyone who loves art in Des Moines.
  • Olson-Larsen Galleries: Since 1978, this place has been showing off all kinds of art. From paintings to jewelry, you can find a bit of everything here. They work with artists from all over, making it a lively and varied place to visit.
  • Viaduct Gallery: In the Historic East Village, you can see art from well-known and new artists. They love to display a wide range of art, from trendy to more classic styles.

The Des Moines Social Club’s art gallery shines with changing exhibits. It puts the spotlight on artists at all levels of their career. This gallery is welcoming to all and makes art a big part of community life.

Artists in Des Moines are making a name for themselves in big ways. Their fresh ideas and varied art show off the city’s creative spirit. Their works are both full of meaning and beautiful, touching everyone who sees them.

At the center of Des Moines, you can feel the city’s art scene buzz. Visit these local galleries to see stunning art. It’s a great place for any art lover, or anyone wanting to explore new talent. Des Moines has something special for everyone.

Upcoming Local Artist Exhibition at Moberg Gallery

Don’t miss Sofia Hernandez’s show at Moberg Gallery. Her bold colors and lively images capture nature’s spirit. This event is a great chance to see what this rising artist is all about.

Artists Spotlight: Exploring Different Artistic Mediums

Matthew SullivanPhotography
Sarah ThompsonOil Painting
Liam AndersonPrintmaking
Ava TaylorCeramics

Cultural Festivals in Des Moines

Des Moines Cultural Festivals

Des Moines is known for its lively art scene. It is a hub for local galleries and artists. The city also shines with its many cultural festivals. These festivals celebrate art, music, food, and more.

The 80/35 Music Festival

The 80/35 Music Festival is a must-go in Des Moines. It highlights local and national music acts. It runs for two days, attracting music lovers. It is a place where you can enjoy various music genres, from rock to hip-hop.

The Des Moines Arts Festival

The Des Moines Arts Festival is a grand affair. It brings together arts from around the world for three days. You’ll see paintings, sculptures, and more, plus enjoy theater and live music. It also offers fun activities and tasty food. Artists and visitors from the USA love this celebration of creativity and culture.

The Latino Heritage Festival

The Latino Heritage Festival is all about the Hispanic community in Des Moines. This two-day event features music, dances, and authentic food. Visitors get to see and buy arts and crafts. Plus, they learn about the Latino community’s impact. It’s a festival that brings people together and helps to understand different cultures.

Cultural festivals in Des Moines show the city’s lively art scene. They entertain and inspire people. They also bring the community together. If you love music, art, or cultural experiences, Des Moines has something special for you.

80/35 Music FestivalJuly 9-10, 2022Western Gateway Park
Des Moines Arts FestivalJune 24-26, 2022Downtown Des Moines
Latino Heritage FestivalSeptember 24-25, 2022Western Gateway Park

Supporting the Des Moines Art Scene

Getting behind the Des Moines art scene is super important. It’s key to keeping it lively and growing. Support comes through local shops, studios, and galleries. Here, you find unique art and help local talents and entrepreneurs. They are the heartbeat of Des Moines’ art community.

Joining in at art festivals and events is also a way to connect. The Des Moines Arts Festival and Latino Heritage Festival are good examples. They let artists share their work and people see the city’s art in different ways. Going to these events and telling others about them spreads the love. It also helps these events be successful.

Plus, supporting groups that help those in need aids the art scene too. Pushing for changes that bring more art to everyone is helpful. This creates a place where many kinds of artists feel welcome. Supporting the Des Moines art community makes us all winners. Together, we help the Des Moines art scene flourish and benefit our city for a long time.


What is the art scene like in Des Moines?

The art scene in Des Moines is exciting and active. Local community galleries display amazing art by talented artists. The city is famous for its events that focus on art, music, food, and more.

What are some notable art galleries in Des Moines?

Des Moines has many famous art galleries. These include the Des Moines Social Club’s gallery, Moberg Gallery, Olson-Larsen Galleries, and Viaduct Gallery. They regularly change their exhibits, showing work from well-known and new artists.

What cultural festivals can I experience in Des Moines?

In Des Moines, there’s a wide variety of cultural festivals to enjoy. Some well-known ones are the 80/35 Music Festival, the Des Moines Arts Festival, and the Latino Heritage Festival. They celebrate art, music, food, and cultural diversity.

How can I support the Des Moines art scene?

To help the Des Moines art scene grow, there are simple ways to show support. Go to local galleries, buy art, and tell others about your favorite artists. Also, join in on and visit cultural festivals to back the local art community.

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