Luxury Stays in Delaware

Luxurious Getaways: Where to Stay for a Touch of Luxury in Delaware

Are you searching for a luxurious escape in Delaware? Want to find top-notch places that scream elegance and opulence? Whether it’s a romantic trip or a group event, Delaware has numerous high-end choices. The question is, where should you stay for the ultimate luxury experience?

Get ready to be amazed by the top-tier boutique hotels, resorts, and spas in Delaware. You’ll find charming places and calm hideaways for pure relaxation and care. These spots will surely go beyond what you imagine. So, are you excited to explore these beacons of luxury?

Key Takeaways:

  • Delaware offers a range of luxurious accommodations for those seeking a touch of opulence.
  • Boutique hotels in Delaware provide a unique and elegant experience for guests.
  • Luxury resorts and spa retreats in Delaware offer a tranquil setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Choose the perfect luxury stay in Delaware to suit your taste and preferences.
  • Indulge in ultimate relaxation and pampering at these top-notch accommodations.

Boutique Hotels in Delaware: Experience Unique Charm and Elegance

Delaware offers several unique boutique hotels. These places provide elegance and charm to their guests. Guests can enjoy a luxurious and distinctive stay at these hotels in Delaware.

The Bellmoor Inn & Spa

Located in Rehoboth Beach, The Bellmoor Inn & Spa is famous for its luxury. You’ll feel special the moment you arrive. The hotel’s library is perfect for quiet moments with a book or a friend.

The spa offers many treatments for guests who want to relax. With a poolside massage, this place defines luxury.

The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach brings Victorian beauty to its guests. It has a private rooftop with ocean views. You can also enjoy a soak in the indoor/outdoor pool.

Rooms are designed for comfort and luxury. This makes for a memorable stay.

Hotel Rodney

Hotel Rodney in Lewes is a charming historic boutique hotel. It has a fitness center for active guests and on-site shopping for unique finds. Dining at the Rose & Crown Restaurant is a treat for guests.

The hotel is close to the historic town, making it convenient for visitors. It is a place of elegance and charm.

Hotel Blue

Hotel Blue in Lewes offers calm and luxury. Every room comes with a fireplace. Its unique rooftop pool is perfect for relaxation.

Enjoy your favorite drink by the pool or by a cozy fire. Hotel Blue is all about a luxurious and peaceful experience.

The Inn at Canal Square

In Lewes, The Inn at Canal Square features luxury suites with harbor views. These suites include fireplaces and full kitchens. The surroundings offer a relaxing and beautiful space.

It’s the ideal spot for a romantic or quiet trip. The Inn at Canal Square promises a serene stay.

Luxury Resorts and Spa Retreats: Relax and Unwind in Delaware

Delaware Beach Hotels

Delaware is a top spot for luxury resorts and spa getaways. It’s perfect for those looking to relax and recharge. These amazing places in Delaware offer the best chance to escape and pamper yourself. They make for an ideal relaxation experience.

The Inn at Montchanin Village and Spa is one of these gems. It’s a historic place offering a peaceful escape. Guests enjoy a full spa and beautiful rooms with top-quality Italian linens. Situated in a lovely village, it’s a perfect spot to relax and enjoy spa treatments.

The Bellmoor Inn and Spa, in Rehoboth Beach, is another great pick. It’s right by the beach and features pools, a hot tub, and various spa services. Anyone looking for a massage or body treatment will find it here.

The Avenue Inn & Spa also stands out in Rehoboth Beach. It’s a family-run hotel that offers top-notch services. It has an indoor saltwater pool and various spa treatments. These are perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

These luxury spots in Delaware are great for anyone wanting to relax and step away from the usual stress. They offer a chance to refresh your mind, body, and soul. Guests get to enjoy Delaware’s beautiful beaches and the best spa services.


Delaware has many luxury places to stay. You can find boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and spa retreats. These places offer unique charm and elegance or a peaceful place for relaxation. There’s something for everyone’s taste in Delaware.

For a blend of history and charm, consider Hotel Rodney in Lewes. It’s a boutique hotel with elegant rooms and a fitness center. You’ll also find a great shop and the highly praised Rose and Crown Restaurant.

If you seek VIP treatment, head to The Bellmoor Inn and Spa in Rehoboth Beach. This spot has a fancy spa and a cozy library. You’ll get the best service, feeling completely pampered.

No matter your choice, from boutique to spa retreats, Delaware’s luxury stays promise unforgettable memories. Dive into luxury and enjoy the very best with these accommodations. Include Delaware in your travel plans. You’ll experience opulence through its boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and spa retreats.


What types of accommodations are available for a luxurious stay in Delaware?

Delaware has many luxurious places to stay. You can find boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and spa retreats.

Can you recommend any boutique hotels in Delaware?

Yes, absolutely! Consider The Bellmoor Inn & Spa and the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach. Also, think about Hotel Rodney, Hotel Blue, and Inn at Canal Square in Lewes for a special stay.

Are there any luxury resorts and spa retreats in Delaware?

Yes, there are many. The Inn at Montchanin Village and Spa in Montchanin is a great choice. So is the Bellmoor Inn and Spa in Rehoboth Beach, and the Avenue Inn & Spa, also in Rehoboth Beach.

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