Sacred Valley Treks

Follow Ancient Footsteps: Trekking Peru’s Sacred Valley

Picture yourself walking the same paths as the Inca, through Peru’s stunning Sacred Valley. It’s more than just a hike. It’s an adventure that shows you South America’s iconic places. You’ll uncover the amazing stories and secrets of this ancient area. You’ll ask, What treasures from the past will you uncover on this unforgettable adventure?

Start a hiking expedition that joins the beauty of the Andes with the Inca’s culture. See Peru’s top historic sites, like the Larco Museum in Lima and the Sacred Valley‘s mysterious ruins. For an exciting journey, there’s an optional 1-day trek on the legendary Inca Trail too.

This is a Moderate Active Journey, requiring 3 to 7 miles of walking on most days with some climbs. Each group has no more than 18 adventurers, making the trip more personal. You’ll learn the special stories and secrets of this extraordinary place closely.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Peru’s iconic archaeological sites on a hiking adventure to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu
  • Explore Inca ruins and Andean traditions in the Sacred Valley
  • Experience Machu Picchu from different angles, including an optional 1-day trek on the legendary Inca Trail
  • Embark on a Moderate Active Journey, with 3 to 7 miles of hiking or walking on most days and some elevation gains
  • The journey is limited to a maximum of 18 travelers per departure for a more intimate experience

Immerse in the Mystique of Machu Picchu

Join us on an amazing journey to discover the Inca Trail and the mysterious Machu Picchu. Explore the rich history and stunning archaeological sites in the Andes.

Explore the Legendary Inca Trail

Walk the ancient Inca paths in the Andes, just like they did. You’ll see beautiful villages, temples, and hidden ruins. Finally, you’ll reach the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu.

This can be done on a 1-day Inca Trail trek. During this trek, you’ll see Wiñaywayna and enjoy the amazing mountain views. It’s a chance to hike and witness the beauty of the Andes.

Unravel the Mysteries of Machu Picchu

Enjoy two unique visits to Machu Picchu. Start with an afternoon tour, seeing it less busy, and overlook the area from a distance. You can also hike to the Sun Gate for a special entrance, enjoying views along the way.

The next day, explore Machu Picchu deeply with a knowledgeable guide. Learn about its structures and terraces, understanding its mysteries more. It’s a journey into history that will stay with you.

Explore the Sacred Valley Treks

Inca ruins

Start from the foot of the Andes and dive into the magic of the Sacred Valley. You’ll trek to see Inca ruins and visit quaint villages. Discover Inca ruins at Chinchero and climb the terraces above vibrant Pisac. Then, head to Ollantaytambo to see its fortress-temples and the town’s Inca architecture.

Pisac Ruins and Market

The town of Pisac boasts a serene Inca ruins site. This site offers amazing views and a peek into the past. Follow a hiking trail up the terraces for a closer look.

Then, enjoy the Pisac market, a lively place full of Andean traditions.

Ollantaytambo: A Living Inca Town

Ollantaytambo is an Inca citadel-temple, 45 miles from Cusco. You can catch a train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, stopping at Ollantaytambo. Walk its cobbled streets and visit charming cafes.

Head to the Ollantaytambo Ruins to see Inca architectural prowess. There, discover the Temple of the Sun and ancient terraces.

Experience Andean Traditions

Andean traditions

Immerse yourself in the enchanting Sacred Valley to explore Andean traditions. You’ll gaze at the night sky in a planetarium. You’ll also join authentic rituals with local shamans. This journey offers a deep connection to the region’s spiritual and culinary heritage.

Pachamanca Feast

Pachamanca is a special Andean feast cooked in an earthen pit. It involves meats, veggies, and tubers beneath hot stones. This meal lets you experience Andean culinary traditions. You’ll feel connected to the land and its people, who have passed down these recipes for generations.

Encounter with Shamans

Join a unique welcome ceremony by a local shaman. He will lead you in sacred rituals and explain indigenous spiritual beliefs. You’ll learn about long-standing traditions that define this region. This encounter is a rare chance to feel the ancient, mystical wisdom of the Andes.


The Cusco region in southern Peru is all about its ancient Inca ruins, stunning landscapes, and deep cultural traditions. It’s a place where you can see the legendary Machu Picchu, experience Andean rituals, and walk the Sacred Valley’s hiking trails. This adventure lets you walk where the Inca walked and learn the area’s hidden stories.

Hiking the renowned Inca Trail or exploring ancient Inca sites is magical. Cusco and the Sacred Valley offer unforgettable experiences. You’ll dive into Andean life, be amazed by Inca achievements, and be moved by the region’s natural beauty.

Do you wish to understand the Inca legacy better? This adventure in the Cusco region and Sacred Valley is your chance. You’ll treasure the memories and lessons from this journey.


What makes this hiking adventure to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu unique?

This trip includes a special 1-day trek on the Inca Trail. You can walk where the Inca walked and see stunning views. There are two chances to see Machu Picchu, with a visit in the afternoon and another from the Sun Gate.

What is the level of difficulty for the hiking and trekking on this journey?

This adventure is rated as Moderate Active. You’ll hike or walk 3 to 7 miles most days with some ups and downs. The one-day Inca Trail trek goes up into the mountains. Please note, the group size is small, with a maximum of 18 people per journey.

What cultural experiences are included on this journey?

You’ll learn about Peru’s famous dishes in cooking classes and during an Andean feast. There’s also a special welcome ceremony led by a shaman. This introduces you to the spiritual practices of the local Andean people.

Can you tell me more about the archaeological sites and Inca ruins visited on this journey?

You’ll visit various Inca sites. This includes ruins near Chinchero and terraced mountains above Pisac. In Ollantaytambo, tour fortress-temples and see the Inca’s town layout. This town is a great example of Inca urban planning, with its charming streets and cafes.

What is the role of the Larco Museum visit on this journey?

Visiting the Larco Museum in Lima is special. You’ll explore Inca history and Andean traditions deeply with a curator’s help.

Can you provide more details on the pachamanca feast and the encounter with shamans?

Pachamanca is a unique Andean meal cooked in the earth. It’s a chance to enjoy local food and learn about the region’s culinary roots. You also get to take part in a welcome ritual led by a shaman. This gives you a special look into the area’s spiritual and cultural traditions.

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