Wisconsin Cheese Tour

A Cheesy Adventure: Exploring Wisconsin’s Famous Cheese Trail

Just as wine lovers choose Napa Valley for their wine tour, cheese lovers set their sights on Wisconsin. Here, master cheesemakers craft their goods with love and share them with pride. Add in markets, local restaurants, fresh breakfasts at B&Bs, and tours of breweries; it’s a dream trip. Wisconsin is famous for being America’s dairy land and making great cheese. Everywhere you look, from cheese hats to cheese-themed decor, the state shows off its love for cheese.

Key Takeaways

  • Wisconsin is renowned as a premier destination for cheese enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of iconic cheese shops, factories, and artisanal cheesemakers.
  • The state celebrates its rich dairy heritage through various cheese festivals and events, showcasing the region’s award-winning cheese products.
  • Visitors can embark on curated Wisconsin cheese tour itineraries, exploring the state’s southwest and eastern regions to discover the depths of its cheese culture.
  • From the self-proclaimed “Cheese Curd Capital” of Ellsworth to the state’s thriving goat dairy farms, Wisconsin offers a mouthwatering adventure for cheese lovers.
  • The state’s cheese industry is a testament to its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the preservation of traditional cheesemaking practices.

Ready to begin your Wisconsin cheese tour and find out what makes this state a cheese paradise? Prepare to taste the best of America’s cheese capital!

Discovering Wisconsin’s Cheese Heritage

Wisconsin leads in cheese making in the U.S. and the world. Almost 25% of American dairy farms are here. Many are run by families and welcome visitors for tastings and tours. The cheese scene in Wisconsin isn’t just big business; it’s full of passion and tradition.

Iconic Cheese Shops and Factories

Exploring Wisconsin’s cheese world means visiting famous spots like the Mars Cheese Castle and Door Artisan Cheese Company. These places, along with Fromagination in Madison, offer a variety of cheeses to taste and buy. They also let you see how cheese is made.

Artisanal Cheesemakers and Sustainable Practices

Artisan cheesemakers in Wisconsin stand out for their commitment to the environment. They work with local dairy farmers to get the best ingredients. In doing so, they help keep Wisconsin’s cheese-making history alive.

Cheese Festivals and Events

Wisconsin’s love for cheese shines during events like the Cheese Curd Festival in Ellsworth. This celebration offers tons of cheese curds and more. It’s a chance to try different cheeses, learn about making cheese, and enjoy the state’s cheese culture.

Wisconsin Cheese Tour: Curated Itineraries

wisconsin cheese tour

Wisconsin showcases its rich cheese history through two special tours. These wisconsin cheese tour paths lead you to famous spots and hidden treasures alike. They give a full view of the many kinds of cheese in the Badger State.

The Southwest Itinerary

In the Southwest Itinerary, you’ll explore places like Madison and Green County. This southwest wisconsin journey includes top sites. You’ll visit Fromagination, see the Dane County Farmers Market, tour the Emmi Roth Factory, and stop by Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern. Also, don’t miss the Carr Valley Cheese Factory.

The Eastern Itinerary

The Eastern Itinerary shines a light on Milwaukee and the Appleton area. You’ll see great places like the Milwaukee Public Market and Usinger’s Sausage Shop. Try Widmer’s Cheese and Cedar Creek Winery. Lastly, enjoy Simon’s Specialty Cheese. This eastern wisconsin adventure offers something for every cheese lover.

Both tours let you see cheese being made, try local kinds, and enjoy other regional food and drink. No matter which way you go, the Southwest or Eastern route, you’ll celebrate Wisconsin’s love for cheese.

Savor the Flavors: Curd Capital and Goat Dairy Tours

goat dairy tours

Wisconsin proudly calls Ellsworth the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.” This town hosts a big event every summer – the Cheese Curd Festival. It features lots of cheese curds, craft beers, and local wines. There’s also live music, a car show, and many foods made from cheese curds.

At the festival, visitors can enjoy over 6,000 pounds of cheese curds. They can also see where these curds are made at the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery.

Ellsworth: The Cheese Curd Capital

Ellsworth is known as the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.” It shows its love for cheese curds each year with the Cheese Curd Festival. This event brings in a lot of people.

They come to eat 6,000 pounds of fried cheese curds, drink craft beers, and listen to music. There’s a car show too. Plus, they can visit the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery to see cheese curds being made.

Goat Cheese Straight From the Source

If you love goat cheese, Wisconsin has places for you to visit. You can tour places like Door County Creamery and LaClare Family Creamery. There, you can try goat cheeses, gelato, and more.

You’ll get to see how cheese is made, meet the goats, and taste delicious dairy products. It’s a fun and tasty experience for all.


Wisconsin’s cheese industry showcases the state’s deep dairy roots and the dedication of its makers. You can embark on a cheese lovers’ dream from iconic shops to sustainable artisans. Follow the suggested itineraries or choose your path through cheese curds and famous goat farms. Either way, you’re in for a treat in America’s heartland of cheese.

In Wisconsin, making cheese is not just a job, it’s a deep-rooted passion passed down for years. You’ll find world-class cheeses in specialty stores and see how they’re made on the cheese trail. This experience invites you to explore the state’s dairy history and honor the love put into every wheel by its masterful makers.

Your cheese journey in Wisconsin will be both flavorful and enlightening. Each taste, every tour, and meeting the makers, reveals the state’s commitment to its cheese culture. Enjoy the adventure, as with every new experience, you discover more about why Wisconsin is a top spot for cheese lovers.


What makes Wisconsin a premier destination for cheese enthusiasts?

Wisconsin is famous in the U.S. for being America’s Dairyland. It leads the nation and the world in making cheese. Nearly one-fourth of U.S. dairy farms are found in Wisconsin.The state’s cheese industry is worth billions. It’s a place where hard work and a history of making top-quality cheese meet.

What are some of the iconic cheese shops and factories in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you have to visit places like the Mars Cheese Castle and Door Artisan Cheese Company. Don’t miss Fromagination in Madison or the Emmi Roth Factory. Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern and Carr Valley Cheese Factory are also must-sees.

What are the two curated cheese tour itineraries offered in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s cheese tours include the Southwest Itinerary and the Eastern Itinerary. The Southwest tour stops in Madison and Green County. It also visits places like Prairie du Sac.The Eastern Tour highlights Milwaukee and Cedarburg. It also includes Theresa and the Appleton area.

What is the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin, and what can visitors expect there?

Ellsworth calls itself the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin.” Each summer, they have the Cheese Curd Festival. There are tons of cheese curds, craft beers, and local wines.You’ll find live music, a classic car show, and many cheese curd dishes to try.

What other cheese-related attractions can visitors experience in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has more than just shops and festivals. You can visit goat dairy farms like Door County Creamery and LaClare Family Creamery. There, you can enjoy fresh goat cheeses and gelato.

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