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Often overshadowed by the allure of America’s coastal cities and national parks, the heartland’s treasures await exploration. Hidden among these is Claremore, OK, a town that effortlessly weaves the fabric of historical charm with the beauty of its natural surroundings. But what truly makes Claremore stand out as a bucket list-worthy destination? Whether it’s the town’s rich array of things to do in Claremore, OK, its myriad of Claremore tourist spots, or the unspoken tales etched into the Claremore landmarks, this guide promises to unveil the vibrant Claremore points of interest that are waiting to be discovered.

From the profoundly historical Will Rogers Memorial Museum, a sincere homage to the famed cowboy humorist, to the serene trails of the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve, Claremore serves up a platter of culture and outdoor splendor. With attractions that span the spectrum from intellectual stimulation through Claremore sightseeing to the simple joys of a family outing amidst scenic views, this town extends an open invitation to experience the best of the Midwest.

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover why Claremore, OK, should top your list for Midwest travel destinations.
  • Learn about the cultural significance and offerings at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.
  • Explore the variety of local events, shopping, and dining options in Claremore’s historic downtown.
  • Find out about the outdoor adventures that await at Claremore Lake and the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve.
  • Discover the rich history and attractions that make Claremore an unmissable stop in Oklahoma.

Immerse Yourself in the Legacy of Will Rogers

Step back in time and revel in the historical significance of one of Claremore’s most renowned figures by exploring Claremore tourist spots dedicated to the beloved humorist Will Rogers. Wander through the Will Rogers Memorial Museum and take part in Claremore events that keep his memory alive. As you delve into the things to see in Claremore, these landmarks provide a narrative of a man whose legacy continues to resonate with Oklahomans and visitors alike.

Will Rogers Memorial Museum: A Tribute to Oklahoma’s Favorite Son

The Will Rogers Memorial Museum stands as a centerpiece among Claremore sightseeing destinations, showcasing an extensive collection of artifacts, photos, and manuscripts that encapsulate Rogers’ life. The museum’s daily film presentations offer a glimpse into his impact as a larger-than-life persona, making it a must-visit among the activities in Claremore.

Laying Flowers at Will Rogers’ Tomb

Adjacent to the museum lies Will Rogers’ final resting place, marked by his tomb, which is adorned with his iconic sayings. A poignant Claremore event is the tradition of laying flowers here, enriching the connection between visitors and Rogers’ enduring wit and wisdom.

Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch: Visiting ‘The White House on the Verdigris’

Just a short distance from the museum, experience the rustic charm of the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch. Often referred to as ‘The White House on the Verdigris,’ this historical site provides an intimate view of Rogers’ early years and completes the journey through the significant Claremore sightseeing experiences tied to his remarkable life.

Historical Exhibits and Captivating Collections

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum Exhibits

When it comes to Claremore sightseeing, the city’s museums showcase some of the most intriguing Claremore landmarks. History enthusiasts and curious visitors alike will find plenty of must-visit attractions Claremore has to offer. Delve into a storied past, discover remarkable collections, and reminisce about days gone by through two prominent Claremore points of interest.

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum: A Glimpse into Firearms History

For those with a passion for historical weaponry and Americana, the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum is a top destination. The museum houses an astonishing array of over 12,000 firearms, giving visitors a comprehensive look into the evolution of firearms throughout the ages. Alongside the weaponry, guests can explore a collection of fascinating artifacts including antique beer steins, Western memorabilia, and unique WWI-era posters. Additionally, a captivating exhibit pays homage to the celebrated musician and entertainer Roy Clark – an Oklahoma native.

Uncover Local Narratives at the Claremore Museum of History

The journey through Claremore’s heritage continues as one uncovers the rich tapestry of the local narrative at the Claremore Museum of History. Within its walls, the museum spotlights the city’s unique radium bath houses era, and celebrates notable figures from Claremore. This includes Lynn Riggs, the esteemed playwright known for “Green Grow the Lilacs,” which inspired the musical “Oklahoma!” Additionally, visitors can learn about the life and contributions of Patti Page, a singer whose voice charmed the nation. Exploring the museum is not just a learning experience, but an activity that reverberates with the heartbeat of Claremore, OK.

Embarking on a journey through the historical sights and landmarks of Claremore, one realizes that these repositories of the past are not just things to do in Claremore; they are gateways to understanding a shared heritage. Whether you are a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, Claremore’s historical museums offer a profound sense of connection to both the city and the larger narrative of American history.

Dining and Shopping in Claremore’s Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown Claremore

Embark on a journey through the heart of Claremore’s culture with a visit to the charming historic downtown Claremore, also known as The Lilac District. This picturesque area offers an eclectic mix of Claremore dining and Claremore shopping experiences that are as rich in history as they are in flavor and style.

Whether you’re looking to savor the local cuisine or browse through unique boutiques, The Lilac District is your go-to destination. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect when indulging in things to do in Claremore, OK:

  • The Hammett House Restaurant is a culinary landmark, famed for its delicious homestyle pies and traditional American fare.
  • For a taste of elegance, The Pink House serves up exquisite quiches and an assortment of teas perfect for a mid-day retreat.
  • The Cranberry Merchant offers antique enthusiasts a treasure trove of vintage finds in an inviting, nostalgia-infused setting.
  • Swan Bros. Dairy boasts farm-fresh cheeses and dairy products that highlight the quality of local agriculture.
  • The Front Porch Bakery tempts visitors with its array of baked goods and smoked meats, ideal for picnic gatherings or a leisurely snack.

For those interested in the specifics, the following table offers insights into some of the standout Claremore points of interest for foodies and shoppers alike.

Hammett House RestaurantAmerican classics, specializing in piesCozy and family-friendly
The Pink HouseQuiches, sandwiches, teasCharming and refined
The Cranberry MerchantAntiques and collectiblesQuaint and historical
Swan Bros. DairyFarm-fresh dairy productsRustic and authentic
The Front Porch BakeryBaked goods, smoked meatsHomestyle and welcoming

A day spent in historic downtown Claremore is sure to delight the palate and inspire the imagination with its fusion of traditional charm and modern convenience. So when you’re pondering things to do in Claremore, OK, make sure to include this delightful district on your itinerary for an authentic local experience.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Claremore

For visitors and residents alike, Claremore, Oklahoma, offers not just cultural and historical interest, but also ample opportunities to appreciate the outdoors. Venturing into the natural landscapes surrounding the city can be one of the most fulfilling things to do in Claremore, OK. With venues that cater to adventurous spirits and those who simply wish to soak in the tranquil beauty, Claremore’s natural attractions are not to be overlooked.

Redbud Valley Nature Preserve: Trails and Cliffs Aplenty

The Redbud Valley Nature Preserve is a sanctuary for both wildlife and nature lovers. With its impressive cliffs and diverse trails, it’s a prime example of Claremore’s natural beauty, inviting hikers from the novice to the experienced to explore its scenic terrains. The preserve is a highlight of Claremore sightseeing, offering both recreation and the chance to witness the vibrant redbuds in bloom—an alluring sight each spring.

Claremore Lake and RSU Nature Reserve for Outdoor Enthusiasts

At Claremore Lake, tranquility meets recreational fun. The well-maintained trails beckon walkers and joggers, while sporting facilities support a variety of outdoor activities. This area, perfect for Claremore entertainment, is a gem where families can enjoy playgrounds against the backdrop of a serene lakeside setting. Complementing this is the Rogers State University Nature Reserve, a sprawling haven of over 100 acres that features unique wetlands and dense forests, establishing itself as a must-visit for those who thrive on immersing themselves in diverse ecosystems. These ecoscapes emphasize Claremore outdoor activities and demonstrate the city’s commitment to preserving pockets of wilderness for public enjoyment and education.


What are some popular things to do in Claremore, OK?

Claremore, OK offers a range of attractions, from exploring the Will Rogers Memorial Museum, enjoying the scenic beauty at Redbud Valley Nature Preserve, to shopping and dining in the historic downtown known as The Lilac District. The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum and Claremore Museum of History are also must-visit spots for those interested in local narratives and collections.

Can you tell me more about the Will Rogers Memorial Museum?

The Will Rogers Memorial Museum is dedicated to the life and achievements of the cowboy humorist, Will Rogers. It houses artifacts, photos, and personal memorabilia, including his impressive saddle collection. Visitors can also watch a daily film showcasing the life of Rogers and visit his tomb located on the grounds.

What activities can visitors enjoy in Claremore’s historic downtown?

The Lilac District in historic downtown Claremore offers a variety of activities, such as indulging in delicious local cuisine, searching for antiques in The Cranberry Merchant, sampling farm-fresh dairy products at Swan Bros. Dairy, or picking up specialty baked goods at the Front Porch Bakery.

Are there any natural sights or outdoor activities in Claremore?

Yes, outdoor enthusiasts can hike the trails at Redbud Valley Nature Preserve, enjoy the walking trails and sporting facilities at Claremore Lake, or explore the diverse landscapes at Rogers State University’s Nature Reserve. These locations are perfect for those looking to experience Claremore’s natural beauty and engaging in outdoor recreation.

What kind of exhibits does the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum have?

The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum boasts an extensive collection of over 12,000 firearms, historical memorabilia including beer steins, and a special exhibit on entertainer Roy Clark. It’s a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the history of firearms or memorabilia.

Why should visitors go to the Claremore Museum of History?

The Claremore Museum of History offers a deep dive into the city’s past, featuring exhibits on Claremore’s era of radium bath houses, the life of playwright Lynn Riggs, the career of singer Patti Page, and much more. It’s a must-see for those who want to learn about Claremore’s contributions to culture and history.

What are some of the Claremore tourist spots for families?

Families visiting Claremore can enjoy various tourist spots such as the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, the historical museums, and Claremore Lake for outdoor picnics and play. These spots offer a mix of education, history, and fun suitable for all ages.

What are some events in Claremore that visitors should look out for?

Claremore hosts a variety of local events throughout the year, ranging from the Will Rogers Days to music festivals and seasonal celebrations. It’s best to check local listings for current and upcoming events during your visit.

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