New Jersey Fall Foliage

Autumn Colors: Best Places to See Fall Foliage in New Jersey

Ready to see New Jersey’s greenery turn into a vibrant mix of reds, oranges, and golds? Every fall, the Garden State comes alive with stunning colors. It’s a must-see natural show. But where exactly should you go to see this spectacle?

Looking for the perfect fall escape? We’ve put together a guide to New Jersey’s top spots for viewing autumn foliage. It’s ideal for anyone who loves nature, hiking, or just wants to see beautiful scenery. You’ll find great drives and hikes in our list – we’ve got everything covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Watch New Jersey’s landscape change from green to vibrant colors.
  • Find the best places to experience stunning fall foliage.
  • Early to mid-October is prime time for seeing New Jersey’s autumn colors.
  • Don’t miss out on Stokes State Forest and the Delaware Water Gap for great hikes.
  • Enjoy Ringwood’s forests and gardens for their fall beauty.

Best Time and Locations for Fall Foliage in New Jersey

Planning a trip to enjoy New Jersey’s fall foliage? Know the best time and places. Fall colors peak between October 19-29, but this can change due to weather.

High places show fall colors first. Leaves by water change early too, adding beauty to the scenery.

Start your journey in New Jersey’s northwest at High Point and the Highlands. The colors move south as the season goes on.

For the best views, head to Stokes State Forest, Ringwood State Park, and other mentioned places. These places have beautiful roads and trails for seeing autumn’s beauty.

The NJ Forest Service offers updates on fall colors. This info helps plan your visit to see the best of New Jersey’s falls.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England have great fall views. To find the best spots, check state reports and maps for updates.

Recommended Locations:Features:
Stokes State ForestHiking paths, scenic overlooks, and picnic facilities
Ringwood State ParkPicturesque hiking trails and beautiful fall foliage
Round Valley ReservoirScenic roadways and stunning fall colors
High Point State ParkBreathtaking panoramic views

Fall Foliage Viewing Tips:

  • Visit between October 19-29 for the best views.
  • Head to high places and by water to see early color changes.
  • Start in the northwest and go south for different fall sceneries.
  • Keep updated with NJ Forest Service for the latest info.
  • Explore nearby states for more fall beauty.

Resources for Tracking Fall Foliage in New Jersey and the Northeast

Planning to see New Jersey and the Northeast’s stunning fall colors? It’s key to keep up with the latest news. The New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, along with the NJ Forest Service, share detailed updates online and on social media.

Looking for more info? The New York State Fall Foliage report and maps can help. If the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are on your list, they offer great advice too.

Ready for an unforgettable fall trip? National parks and trails are your best bet. The Appalachian Trail, Crossroads of the American Revolution trail, and Lower Delaware River, for example, burst with autumn hues.

Need detailed info on fall leaf-watch? Websites like The Foliage Report and ExploreFall have you covered. They offer the latest across the U.S., including the Northeast.

Want to go farther than New Jersey? Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut put on quite a show. Check their tourism sites for the latest on leaf color and maps.

Remember, fall’s beauty depends on the weather. Always plan using up-to-date info. With these resources, your New Jersey and Northeast fall trips will be amazing.


When is the best time to visit New Jersey for fall foliage?

Early to mid-October is prime time to catch New Jersey’s fall colors. Mid to late October is also great.

What are some recommended locations for fall foliage viewing in New Jersey?

Stokes State Forest, Ringwood State Park, and others are top spots for foliage. Each offers stunning views.

Where can I find updated information and recommendations for fall foliage in New Jersey?

For the latest on New Jersey’s fall leaves, check the state’s Div. of Parks and Forestry. Their website and social media share up-to-date info.

Are there other nearby states with beautiful fall foliage spots?

Yes, states like Pennsylvania and New England are full of stunning foliage. They’re great additions to your fall travel plans.

Are there national parks and trails in the area that offer fall foliage views?

Several national parks and trails here offer breathtaking autumn views. The Appalachian Trail, for instance, is known for its fall beauty.

Can you recommend any websites or resources for tracking fall foliage in the United States?

Sites like The Foliage Report are perfect for checking leaf updates. Or try ExploreFall for detailed maps and reports. Don’t forget to check out states’ tourism sites for more info.

What factors can impact the quality and timing of fall foliage?

Weather plays a big role in when and how vibrant fall colors will be. Factors like temperature and rainfall have a big impact. Make sure to check forecasts before planning your trip.

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