Maryland Wine Trails

Vineyard Voyages: Exploring Maryland’s Scenic Wine Trails

Maryland is famous for more than just crab cakes and football. It’s also known for its amazing wine. Start a journey through the scenic wine trails in Maryland. Find the hidden gems at the wineries.

There are 72 wineries in Maryland, spread over eight wine trails. This makes the vineyard tours perfect for both wine fans and those who love nature. Each trail, from Frederick’s rolling hills to Carroll County’s beautiful countryside, offers great views and delicious wines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maryland is home to 72 wineries divided into eight wine trails.
  • Exploring Maryland’s wine trails offers the opportunity to visit picturesque vineyards and indulge in exquisite wine tastings.
  • Each wine trail has its own unique selection of wineries, ensuring there is something for everyone.
  • Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a nature lover, Maryland’s wine trails provide a perfect blend of scenic beauty and exquisite wines.
  • Discover the best of Maryland’s wine culture and plan an unforgettable day trip through the state’s scenic wine trails.

Antietam Highlands Wine Trail

The Antietam Highlands Wine Trail is a top spot for wine fans in Maryland. It’s found between Frederick and Hagerstown, featuring nine wineries. Each spot has its own wines and vibe. What makes this area great for wine is its high ground, soil full of lime, and not too humid weather. These conditions are perfect for growing European grape types. Visitors can enjoy superb wines because of this.

Big Cork Vineyards: A Hidden Gem

Big Cork Vineyards is a new but well-known stop on the trail. It’s loved for its great wines and friendly setting. You’ll see beautiful vineyards around. The tasting room is big and welcoming. You can taste special, handmade wines while looking at the pretty view.

Are you into wine or just starting to explore? The Antietam Highlands Wine Trail is a lovely way to see Maryland’s best vineyards. It’s a great break from the city. You can taste fine wines and find your favorite among the varied choices.

“The Antietam Highlands Wine Trail provides a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Maryland’s wine country and taste the fruits of passionate winemakers.” – John Smith, Wine Enthusiast

Taking a trip on the Antietam Highlands Wine Trail means diving into the world of winemaking. You’ll learn about the vineyards’ interesting past. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy wines with others who love them. Whether you like red, white, or rosé, you’ll find a wine you love here.

Carroll Wine Trail

Carroll Wine Trail

The Carroll Wine Trail is a perfect place for wine lovers. It includes two vineyards in Carroll County, Maryland. Despite being small, it offers a great experience with unique flavors and friendly hosts.

Old Westminster Winery

Old Westminster Winery is a big part of the Carroll Wine Trail. It’s a family-owned vineyard that makes excellent wines. They focus on sweet and semi-sweet white wines, as well as a few reds. At the vineyard, you can do wine tastings and see how the wine is made. The tasting room is warm and welcoming, perfect for enjoying the wine with beautiful views.

Serpent Ridge Vineyard

Serpent Ridge Vineyard is a special place on the trail. It grows its own grapes and also uses grapes from other vineyards. This mix creates a wide variety of red and white wines. The vineyard is very eco-friendly and teaches visitors about its green methods on tours. They have a lovely tasting room and outdoor area. It’s a peaceful place to relax and enjoy their tasty wines.

Exploring the Carroll Wine Trail is a journey through amazing flavors and beautiful landscapes. Whether at the Old Westminster Winery or the Serpent Ridge Vineyard, you’ll love the Maryland wine experience on this welcoming trail.


Exploring Maryland Wine Trails is a top pick for those who love wine and adventures. There are 72 wineries across eight trails waiting to be discovered. Each trail offers a unique experience, from easy wine tastings to beautiful vineyard tours.

By choosing a trail like the Antietam Highlands Wine Trail or the Carroll Wine Trail, you’ll see many wineries. You can make a day trip to escape daily stress, enjoy nature, and taste fine wines.

Why not start planning your visit today? If you love wine or are just starting to, the Maryland Wine Trails have something for everyone. Explore vineyards, enjoy the friendly winery staff, and create lasting memories. It’s a journey you won’t forget, with a chance to learn about and admire the winemaking craft.


How many wineries are there in Maryland?

Maryland has 72 wineries. They are split among eight Maryland Wine Trails.

What are the Maryland Wine Trails?

The Maryland Wine Trails are groups of wineries you can visit. They range from the Antietam Highlands to the Piedmont Wine Trail.

What is the Antietam Highlands Wine Trail known for?

The Antietam Highlands Wine Trail stands out for its unique qualities. It boasts high elevation and a special type of soil. These lead to great conditions for growing French and German grape varieties.

Which vineyard is a highlight on the Antietam Highlands Wine Trail?

Big Cork Vineyards is a key spot on the Antietam Highlands Wine Trail. Here, visitors can enjoy special wines in a spacious tasting room.

How many wineries are on the Carroll Wine Trail?

The Carroll Wine Trail has two vineyards. They are in Carroll County.

What wines are produced on the Carroll Wine Trail?

At the Old Westminster Winery, you can find sweet and semi-sweet white wines. The Serpent Ridge Vineyard makes red and white wines. They use grapes both from their own vineyard and other sources.

How many wineries are there in Maryland overall?

Maryland has a total of 72 wineries. They are spread across eight wine trails.

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