Maryland Beaches

Sun, Sand, and Surf: A Guide to Maryland’s Best Beaches

Ready to see the stunning beaches in Maryland? Whether you like peaceful days or fun water sports, Maryland’s beaches have something for everyone. This guide will show you both well-known and secret beaches in the state.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the stunning beaches along Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay shores.
  • Explore Assateague Island, a nature lover’s paradise with wild horses and exciting water activities.
  • Experience the classic beach getaway in Ocean City with its iconic boardwalk and family-friendly attractions.
  • Unwind and enjoy the serene and scenic beaches of Chesapeake Bay.
  • Don’t miss out on the hidden gems of Hart-Miller Island and Janes Island State Park for a secluded beach experience.

Assateague Island: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Assateague Island is a gem on Maryland’s coast. This island, sitting by the Atlantic Ocean, welcomes nature lovers. It is packed with beauty and charm.

Wild Horses and Natural Wonders

Wild horses on Assateague Island are iconic. They wander freely by the shore and through the dunes. These animals come from horses that were part of a shipwreck long ago. They make the island feel special.

The island also has a lot of other wildlife. You can see dolphins and sea turtles here. It’s a great place to see nature at its best.

Outdoor Adventures

There are many things to do on Assateague Island. You can kayak in the bay or near the marshes. This is a great way to see the incredible scenery.

Surfers love coming to the island. They enjoy the waves that come from offshore storms. There are waves for both beginners and experienced surfers.

Fishing fans will have a great time at Assateague Island. You can fish from the shore or from one of the fishing piers. There are many different fish to catch.

A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts

If you love wildlife, this island is perfect. You can see many kinds of birds, including snowy egrets. It’s a must-visit for bird lovers.

The island has many trails. These trails go through marshes and forests. It’s a chance to see the island’s nature up close.

Plan Your Escape to Assateague Island

Assateague Island is great for a peaceful break or an adventure. It offers wild horses, beautiful views, and fun outdoor activities. It is a paradise for nature fans.

So, get your bags and camera ready. Assateague Island promises a wonderful time. You will be amazed by Maryland’s natural beauty.

KayakingExploring the coastal marshes and bay waters
SurfingCatching the waves created by sandbars and offshore storms
FishingReeling in a variety of species from the beach or fishing piers
Wildlife SpottingWitnessing the wild horses, dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of bird species
HikingExploring the island’s nature trails through marshes and forests

Ocean City: The Classic Beach Getaway

Ocean City, Maryland, is famous for its beaches and boardwalk. It has a 10-mile sandy coast and a well-known boardwalk. Here, you can relax or have fun. Do things like sunbathing, swimming, and playing volleyball. Also, check out the shops, restaurants, and amusement parks on the boardwalk.

Stroll the boardwalk, swim in the sea, or try fresh seafood. There’s fun for all. Families enjoy the many attractions. You can do thrilling rides, play games, and watch shows.

The boardwalk is Ocean City’s center, full of life. As you walk, enjoy the view and smell of the sea. And listen to the carousel music play.

“Ocean City is the perfect destination for a family-friendly beach vacation. The boardwalk is filled with fun and excitement, and the beach is a beautiful place to relax and unwind.”

Ocean City’s beach is wide and sunny. Find your perfect spot, whether close to the water or under an umbrella. It’s a great place to relax or play.

Beach Activities in Ocean City

Love the beach? Here are some activities in Ocean City:

  • Surfing
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • Fishing

Ocean City has water sports for all, from surfing to fishing. There’s something for everyone.

ActivityRental Information
SurfingSurfboard rentals available at local surf shops
KayakingKayak rentals available on the beach and at local marinas
ParasailingParasailing trips can be booked through local tour operators
FishingCharter fishing boats and equipment rentals available

When the day’s over, enjoy Ocean City’s food. Try fresh seafood or boardwalk favorites like pizza and ice cream. You’ll find something good to eat.

Ocean City is your top beach vacation spot. It’s got the sun, sand, and lots to do. Visit with your loved ones or friends. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime in this lovely town.

Chesapeake Bay Beaches: Serene and Scenic

Chesapeake Bay Beaches

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay beaches are not like oceanfront ones. The Atlantic coast is lively with its busy boardwalks. Yet, the Chesapeake Bay beaches are quiet and beautiful. They offer a peaceful escape to anyone looking for a slow pace.

Calvert Cliffs State Park: Fossil Hunting and Breathtaking Views

Calvert Cliffs State Park sits on the Chesapeake Bay. This park is a must-see for nature lovers. It’s known for its beautiful bay views and large cliffs.

These cliffs are great for finding fossils. You can search the beach for ancient treasures. It’s a cool way to learn about Maryland’s geological past.

North Beach and Chesapeake Beach: Charming Coastal Towns

Head to North Beach and Chesapeake Beach for a charming holiday. These towns mix relaxation with fun activities. You can swim in the calm bay, sunbathe on the sandy beaches, or stroll by the water.

Fishing fans will love it here too. There’s plenty of spots to fish and enjoy the waterside. After all the fun, enjoy a meal at a seafood restaurant. Try Maryland’s famous blue crabs or other fresh seafood dishes. You can also check out the cute shops nearby.

Whether you want quiet or a cozy beach town, North Beach and Chesapeake Beach are great. They are the perfect places for a calm and scenic beach break.

Visit Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay beaches for peace and beauty. See the amazing views at Calvert Cliffs State Park. Hunt for fossils and explore ancient history. Have a relaxing and memorable time at North Beach and Chesapeake Beach. These places are perfect to escape the noise and enjoy nature.

Hidden Gems: Hart-Miller Island and Janes Island State Park

Hart-Miller Island

Maryland hides some beautiful, lesser-known beaches. These spots are perfect for those who love the peace of the shore. Hart-Miller Island and Janes Island State Park are among these treasures. They are known for their natural charm in the state.

Hart-Miller Island – A Remote Island Paradise

Hart-Miller Island sits quietly in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a secluded place, perfect for a peaceful beach day. You can only reach this island by boat. Here, you’ll find white sandy shores and clear, inviting waters, ideal for a calming visit.

This island offers much to do. You can swim, fish, or hike its scenic trails. It’s a great break from your usual life, into the quiet of this untouched gem.

Janes Island State Park – A Serene Coastal Retreat

Janes Island State Park lies on the Chesapeake Bay as well. It’s a beautiful, quiet spot away from the busy world. With hidden beaches and untouched nature, it’s a perfect escape.

The park is famous for its waterways, a dream for kayakers. Paddle through its creeks and marshes. You’ll see many birds and enjoy the peaceful view of nature.

Besides kayaking, you can also fish or just relax on the beaches. This park welcomes anyone looking to connect with nature. It’s a great getaway for some calm time.

To sum up, Hart-Miller Island and Janes Island State Park are top places for peace in Maryland. Visit the remote Hart-Miller Island for a day of fun in the sun. Head to Janes Island State Park for a quiet time by the water. These spots are perfect for a calm, nature-filled vacation.


Maryland has a lot to offer on its beaches. You can enjoy the lively Ocean City boardwalk or relax at Chesapeake Bay. There’s something for everyone, from families to thrill-seekers to those looking for quiet.

Feel the coastal vibe at Maryland’s beaches and have a great time. Plan a trip to one of Maryland’s top beaches. It’s the perfect way to spend your summer in Maryland.


What are some of the best beaches in Maryland?

The best beaches in Maryland are Assateague Island, Ocean City, Calvert Cliffs State Park, North Beach, Chesapeake Beach, Hart-Miller Island, and Janes Island State Park.

What activities can I enjoy at Assateague Island?

Assateague Island is great for kayaking, surfing, fishing, and wildlife viewing. You might see the island’s wild horses too.

What makes Ocean City a popular beach destination?

Ocean City is loved for its long sandy shore, famous boardwalk, and many fun activities. You can sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball, and more. The boardwalk has shops, restaurants, and amusement parks for fun.

What can I expect at the Chesapeake Bay beaches?

Chesapeake Bay’s beaches, like Calvert Cliffs State Park and North Beach, have beautiful views and calm waters. They’re perfect for fishing, swimming, and dining in peace.

Tell me more about the hidden gem beaches in Maryland.

Hart-Miller Island and Janes Island State Park are Maryland’s hidden gems. Hart-Miller is a quiet hideaway only reachable by boat. It’s ideal for swimming, fishing, and hiking. Janes Island Park is known for its pretty beaches and perfect for kayaking and birdwatching.

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