Welcome to Oahu, where the sun is always shining, and the beaches are always inviting. Your perfect week in Oahu awaits you, and we’ve got the perfect itinerary to make the most out of your time on the island.

From hiking to historic sites, art and culture to relaxation, this comprehensive itinerary has got you covered.

Day one starts off with a bang as you hike to the top of Diamond Head, one of the most iconic landmarks on the island. From there, you’ll spend your days exploring the island’s beauty and rich history, from the stunning beaches of Waikiki to the historic Pearl Harbor. And don’t forget to take in the art and culture of Honolulu and the unique experiences of Kualoa Ranch.

And of course, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and unwind, sipping on Mai Tais and soaking up the sun on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime your perfect week in Oahu is waiting for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Oahu offers a diverse range of activities, including hiking, surfing, historic sites, art and culture, and relaxation.
  • Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach are must-visit attractions, and visitors should come prepared with comfortable hiking gear and beach essentials.
  • The North Shore is home to beautiful beaches and the Haleiwa Farmers Market, while Pearl Harbor offers a chance to pay respects and learn about historical significance.
  • Visitors can also explore the art and culture of Honolulu, take a day trip to Kualoa Ranch for outdoor activities, and unwind at a spa or on a sunset dinner cruise.

Day 1: Hike to the Top of Diamond Head

Let’s start off our perfect week in Oahu by hiking to the top of Diamond Head! Diamond Head is one of the most popular attractions in Oahu, and for good reason. The view from the top is breathtaking. The best time to hike Diamond Head is early in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

The hike takes about 1-2 hours and is a moderate level hike. To make your hike to the top of Diamond Head as enjoyable as possible, make sure you have the must-have hiking gear. Wear comfortable shoes that you’ve already broken in. Bring a backpack with plenty of water, sunscreen, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. You’ll also want to bring a camera because the view from the top is worth capturing.

After your hike to the top of Diamond Head, it’s time to relax on Waikiki Beach. There’s no better way to unwind than by lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun. Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and for good reason. The crystal-clear water and soft sand make it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Oahu.

Day 2: Relax on Waikiki Beach

You’re in for a treat today as we introduce you to the famous Waikiki Beach. You’ll be soaking up the sun and surfing the waves in no time.

Rent a beach chair and umbrella for ultimate relaxation and don’t forget to try some local cuisine while you’re here. From poke bowls to shaved ice, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Get ready to experience the epitome of Hawaiian paradise on Waikiki Beach!

Soak Up the Sun and Surf

As you hit the beach, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and hear the sounds of crashing waves calling you to surf. Oahu is known for its world-class surfing spots, and you won’t want to miss out on the action.

Here are some of the best beaches for surfing and the top surfing lessons and schools:

  • Waikiki Beach: This iconic beach is great for beginners with its gentle waves and numerous surf schools.
  • North Shore: For more experienced surfers, head to the North Shore where you’ll find powerful waves and some of the world’s best surf competitions.
  • Diamond Head Beach: This secluded spot offers a peaceful surfing experience with beautiful views of Diamond Head.
  • Ala Moana Bowls: This spot is popular with locals and offers challenging waves for advanced surfers.
  • Kailua Beach: Located on the Windward side, Kailua Beach offers beautiful scenery and gentle waves for beginners.

After a few hours of surfing, take a break and rent a beach chair and umbrella to relax under the shade.

Rent a Beach Chair and Umbrella

After catching some waves, it’s time to kick back and relax under the shade with a rented beach chair and umbrella.

While you may be tempted to buy your own beach gear, renting has its benefits. First, it saves you the hassle of lugging heavy equipment around. Second, it’s more cost-effective if you’re only staying for a short period. Lastly, renting gives you the flexibility to switch beaches and try out different types of equipment.

The best beaches to rent chairs and umbrellas on Oahu are Waikiki Beach, Kailua Beach, and Ala Moana Beach Park. Waikiki Beach is the most popular, with numerous rental stands along the shore. Kailua Beach offers a quieter atmosphere and a chance to escape the crowds. Ala Moana Beach Park, on the other hand, has a wide range of water activities and equipment rentals.

Whatever beach you choose, renting a beach chair and umbrella will make your day at the beach more comfortable and enjoyable.

Speaking of comfort, you’ll need some fuel to keep going, so let’s try some local cuisine.

Try Some Local Cuisine

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Oahu by trying some of the island’s delicious local cuisine. From fresh seafood to traditional Hawaiian dishes, Oahu has something to offer for every type of foodie.

Here are some of the best local restaurants you should check out during your stay:

  1. Helena’s Hawaiian Food – This family-owned restaurant has been serving up traditional Hawaiian dishes since 1946. Don’t miss out on trying their famous kalua pig and poi.

  2. Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – Located on the North Shore, this food truck serves up some of the best garlic shrimp on the island.

  3. Musubi Cafe Iyasume – If you’re looking for a quick and delicious snack, head to this cafe for their famous spam musubi.

  4. Alan Wong’s Honolulu – This upscale restaurant features contemporary Hawaiian cuisine and is perfect for a special occasion.

After satisfying your taste buds, it’s time to explore the North Shore on day three.

Day 3: Explore the North Shore

On Day 3, you’ll be stoked to hit up the North Shore and catch some gnarly waves. The North Shore is known for its world-class surfing spots, and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to ride some of the best waves in the world. If you’re a beginner, consider taking surfing lessons at one of the many surf schools in the area. Not only will you learn how to catch a wave, but you’ll also learn about ocean safety and how to respect the local environment.

After catching some waves, take a break and check out one of the many farmers markets in the area. The North Shore is home to some of the freshest produce and locally made goods in the world. The Haleiwa Farmers Market is a must-visit, with over 40 vendors offering everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to handmade jewelry and clothing. Take some time to wander around and try some of the delicious snacks, like shaved ice or fresh coconut water.

As the day comes to a close, take some time to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery of the North Shore. The area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. Find a spot to watch the sunset and take in the beauty of the island. As you head to bed, start planning for Day 4, where you’ll get to visit historic Pearl Harbor and learn about the history of Hawaii.

Day 4: Visit Historic Pearl Harbor

On Day 4 of your perfect week in Oahu, you’ll want to visit historic Pearl Harbor. This is your chance to learn about the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor that led to the United States’ entry into World War II.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore iconic sites like the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri. We’ve also got some tips to help you make the most of your visit.

Learn About the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Don’t miss the chance to learn about the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. This historical event had a profound effect on Hawaii and the rest of the world.

Visiting Pearl Harbor allows you to pay your respects to the fallen heroes and learn about the historical significance of this event.

At Pearl Harbor, you can explore the USS Arizona Memorial, a tribute to the 1,177 sailors and marines who lost their lives during the attack. The memorial is built directly over the sunken battleship and provides a somber and reflective atmosphere.

After visiting the memorial, you can also explore the Battleship Missouri, where Japan surrendered to the United States, ending World War II. This is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in history and the military.

Explore the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri

Get ready to experience the solemn atmosphere of the USS Arizona Memorial and the historic significance of the Battleship Missouri.

As you embark on your Memorial Tour Experience, you’ll learn about the history of Pearl Harbor and the events that led up to the attack. The memorial is built over the remains of the USS Arizona, which was sunk during the attack, and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

After you’ve toured the memorial, head over to the Battleship Missouri to see the significance of this historical artifact up close. This battleship served in both World War II and the Korean War and was the site of the Japanese surrender in 1945. You can explore the ship and learn about its role in history through various exhibits and guided tours.

As you leave the Battleship Missouri, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the impact of Pearl Harbor on the world.

Now, let’s move on to some tips for visiting other historic sites in Oahu.

Tips for Visiting

You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for your visit to the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri by following some helpful tips.

Firstly, choose the best accommodations in the area to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable stay. Some great options near Pearl Harbor include the Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel and the Airport Honolulu Hotel.

Secondly, consider your transportation options. Renting a car is a great choice if you want to explore the island further, but if you plan on staying in the Pearl Harbor area, taking a taxi or an Uber is a convenient option.

When visiting the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri, it’s important to arrive early in the day as tickets can sell out quickly. You’ll also want to dress comfortably and wear shoes suitable for walking as there is a fair amount of walking involved.

Lastly, be respectful of the sites and the history they represent. These two historic sites are a must-visit during your time in Oahu and will provide a meaningful experience.

With that said, let’s move on to day 5: discover the art and culture of Honolulu.

Day 5: Discover the Art and Culture of Honolulu

Congratulations, you’ve made it to Day 5 of your perfect week in Oahu and it’s time to immerse yourself in the vibrant art and culture scene of Honolulu.

Start your day with a visit to the Bishop Museum, which showcases traditional crafts and museum exhibits that give you a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. From ancient artifacts to contemporary art pieces, the museum offers a comprehensive look at the island’s past and present.

After a morning of exploring the museum, head to the Hawaii Theatre Center to experience the best of local music and dance performances. The theater hosts a variety of shows throughout the year, featuring talented artists from across the island. Whether you’re interested in hula dancing or traditional Hawaiian music, the Hawaii Theatre Center has something for everyone.

As the day draws to a close, take a stroll down the bustling streets of Chinatown to experience the vibrant street art and cultural landmarks. From the historic buildings to the colorful murals, Chinatown offers a unique blend of cultures that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

End your day with a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants, and get ready for an exciting day trip to Kualoa Ranch tomorrow.

Without further ado, Day 6 of your perfect week in Oahu awaits you as we take a day trip to Kualoa Ranch.

Day 6: Take a Day Trip to Kualoa Ranch

Now it’s time to embark on an adventure as you journey to Kualoa Ranch for a day filled with breathtaking scenery and exciting activities.

This 4,000-acre private nature reserve boasts stunning landscapes and has been the backdrop for many famous movie sets, including Jurassic Park and Lost. Take a guided tour and explore the ranch’s many hidden gems, including secret beaches, lush valleys, and towering mountain ranges.

For the adventure seekers, Kualoa Ranch offers a variety of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, zip-lining, and ATV tours. Experience the thrill of riding on a Jurassic Valley zip-line or explore the ranch’s many trails on an ATV ride.

If you prefer a more relaxed pace, take a leisurely hike and soak up the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

After a day filled with excitement and adventure, return to your hotel and unwind. Kick back and relax on the beach or indulge in a spa treatment. You deserve it after a day of exploring the beauty and wonder of Kualoa Ranch!

Day 7: Relax and Unwind

You’ve had an incredible week in Oahu, but it’s time to unwind and reflect on your experiences.

Why not treat yourself to a visit to one of the many spas or wellness centers on the island? Indulge in a massage, facial, or other luxurious treatment to soothe your mind and body.

Alternatively, you could enjoy a romantic sunset dinner cruise, complete with stunning views and delicious food.

Whatever you choose, take some time to reflect on your wonderful week in Oahu and all the memories you’ve made.

Visit a Spa or Wellness Center

If you’re feeling stressed or in need of some relaxation, head to one of Oahu’s many spas or wellness centers, where you can unwind like a palm tree swaying in the gentle island breeze.

Indulge in a variety of spa treatments, from massages and facials to body wraps and manicures. Many spas also offer wellness workshops, such as yoga and meditation classes, to help you achieve inner balance and tranquility.

Take some time for yourself and let the soothing island vibes wash over you.

After a day of pampering and self-care, it’s time to enjoy a romantic sunset dinner cruise.

Savor a delicious meal while watching the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of pink, purple, and orange.

As the stars come out, you’ll feel grateful for the opportunity to experience the beauty and tranquility of Oahu.

Enjoy a Sunset Dinner Cruise

Experience the ultimate romantic evening by indulging in a sunset dinner cruise on Oahu. With plenty of sunset cruise options to choose from, you can select the one that suits your preferences and budget.

As you sail along the coastline, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the island’s shoreline, mountains, and the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning scenery and the memories you’ll create together.

To make the most of your sunset dinner cruise, head to one of the best spots to watch the sunset on Oahu. Some of the top picks include Waikiki Beach, Makapu’u Beach, and the North Shore.

Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more peaceful setting, there’s a spot for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. As you reflect on the day’s events, you’ll feel grateful for the opportunity to experience such magic in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Reflect on Your Wonderful Week in Oahu

As the trip draws to a close, it’s hard not to feel a sense of nostalgia for the memories made on this beautiful island paradise.

You’ve had an unforgettable week in Oahu, filled with the best memories and favorite activities. From hiking to the top of Diamond Head to snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Hanauma Bay, you’ve experienced all that this island has to offer.

Reflecting on your wonderful week in Oahu, you can’t help but feel grateful for the incredible experiences you’ve had. Whether it was watching the sunset from the top of Mauna Kea or enjoying a delicious meal on a sunset dinner cruise, every moment was special and unforgettable.

As you pack your bags and head home, you know that this won’t be the last time you visit this breathtaking island.


Congratulations, you’ve just completed your perfect week in Oahu! You’ve conquered the Diamond Head hike, soaked up the sun on Waikiki Beach, explored the North Shore, paid your respects at Pearl Harbor, immersed yourself in the art and culture of Honolulu, and even went on a thrilling day trip to Kualoa Ranch.

And now, it’s time to relax and unwind on your last day in paradise. For your final day in Oahu, you might want to consider indulging in some self-care. Perhaps you could book a massage at one of the luxurious spas on the island, or take a yoga class on the beach. Or maybe you just want to soak up the sun and read a good book while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. Whatever your preference, take some time to reflect on your amazing week in Oahu and savor every moment of your last day.

One example of a particularly memorable experience during your perfect week in Oahu could be your visit to the Kualoa Ranch. You might recall the thrilling ATV ride through the lush greenery of the valley, or the scenic tour of filming locations for popular movies and TV shows. Or maybe it was the taste of fresh pineapple that you got to enjoy during your visit to the Dole Plantation.

Whatever it was, this experience served as a reminder of the incredible beauty and diversity that Oahu has to offer.

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